5 things done by controversial pastor who calls himself an ‘angel’ (videos)

Founder and leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, is often in the news for controversial reasons.

From the way he conducts his church service to the magnitude of miracles he claims to perform, Obinim raises eyebrows almost always. NAIJ.com brings the most controversial Obinim moments so far.

1. Claiming to have visited heaven to rebuke ‘Angel’ Gabriel:

Obinim has been calling himself an ‘angel’ for some time now.

As if that is not blasphemous enough, Obinim has been spotted in a new video claiming to have ascended to heaven to rebuke ‘Angel Gabriel’

In a video which went viral, the controversial Obinim is seen angrily exchanging words with the invisible creature in a strange language in the presence of his church members.

According to him, he was being interrogated and accused by the master for not ensuring that he and his partner, Angel Gabriel, did not properly execute their heavenly duties.

Explaining that it was no fault of his to his ‘master’ he said: “Father ask him, yes you can ask him, Gabriel. Yes because I went there with Angel Gabriel. I went there with him.”

Obinim continued to speak in the ‘heavenly language’, as he claimed. This time in a more angry tone.

While translating the scenario to one of his interpreters, Obinim said his ‘boss’ in the spirit world had expressed displeasure because he expected him to do exceptionally well on one of the tasks with Angel Gabriel.

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We obviously do not have a spiritual eye to see whether what he is saying true or not but it sure sounds controversial. 

2. Making a woman carry a bag of cement for hours in exchange for lotto numbers:

Obinim has been claiming to be giving lotto numbers to his church members to stake and make a fortune and there have been many people who have testified to winning.

But one woman was not lucky as she was made to carry a bag of cement for hours before she could have her own numbers to stake.

This, Obinim explained, was a punishment for the woman because she refused to stake numbers she had been given earlier.

According to Obinim, the lady had asked him for lotto numbers last Sunday at church which he promised to give to her.

Two days after, Obinim claimed, he appeared to the lady as a stranger and asked that the lady take the lotto numbers she requested.

This lady refused thus, he had to punish her before giving her new set of lotto numbers.


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Obinim’s act raises questions as to why a ‘man of God’ will dabble in the business of lottery or encourage church members to do same and even punish some for not staking some numbers. 

3. Appearing in church in a woman’s wig:

Obinim is known to be very outlandish but not many would have expected that he would dress up like a woman to come to church.

Obinim was recently spotted in a new video wearing a woman’s wig in church.

In the very short video, Obinim was seen wearing a long hair wig and gesticulating like a lady while his congregants shouted in amazement




4. Turns into an ‘Imam’ to lead Muslim prayers in his church:

Obinim is known to dabble in a lot of drama but even the staunchest of his critics would not have expected this. Obinim literally turning himself into an Imam?

Well, it happened and Obinim was seen in a video prostrating while shouting “Allahu Akbar” like Muslims do. His congregation also followed suit prostrating and shouting “Allahu Akbar” upon his orders.

Yea, Obinim is basically your all round religious leader. 

5. Endorsing cyber fraud (sakawa):

Obinim recently endorsed made a call suggesting that he supported cyber fraud which is known in local parlance as ‘sakawa’.

In a video which went viral, Obinim disclosed that he was not going to advise people who engage in cyber fraud not to stop.

According to him, the fraud victims, usually Europeans and Americans, are themselves fraudsters.

“Anyone who’s into internet scam and committing fraud, the person he’s fraudulent which is the white guy is a fraud himself. …. So I won’t advise internet scammers to stop scamming people, they should continue scamming people.”


Ordinarily, you would not expect a man of God to speak like this but it looks like Obinim believes in the Robin Hood principle.

Yes, Obinim has been very controversial and unconventional figure but some of the things he has been doing are very extreme, even for his standards, and it leaves many wondering if everything is alright. 

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