Things Nigerian Human Resource Managers Need To Stop Doing

Things Nigerian Human Resource Managers Need To Stop Doing Things Nigerian Human Resource Managers Need To Stop Doing

Every Nigerian job seeker can surely tell you one or two things that HRs put them through which they dislike. Below are a few I could pen down. Kindly read till the end. 

1. Keeping interviewees waiting

HRs send messages to job seekers to appear for an interview at a particular time of a said date. This is strongly adhered to by job seekers, but these recruiters never stick to that time. They keep the interviewees waiting for hours to the point of exhaustion before attending to them. Such jobs are usually shitty jobs bound to enslave graduates. They need to stick to time in consideration of the fact that most people who showed up for the interview gave one flimsy excuse to get a leave from their current job just to attend the interview. Some just went AWOL with the hope of quickly going back to work after the interview only to be delayed. 

2. Devaluing Nigerian graduates

HRs know what the available position in their company is worth or offers, yet they still prefer to ensure that they beat the remuneration down cos they know that desperate job seekers won't mind taking the offer. Instead of going with the industrial standard or a bit below it, they prefer to box you into a tight corner that will see you take half of what the position is really worth. Before you know it, that becomes the new industrial standard cos every other company in that sector will key into the idea. What they don't know is that they are devaluing Nigerian graduates just to please their bosses. This is why Lebanese and Chinese companies love to take graduates for a ride in Nigeria. I think they should include the salary the position offers in the job advert. This will make only those comfortable with such pay to apply.

3. Increase the speed of the air conditioner

I know you are already wondering why I included this as a point. In as much as I find it funny, I don't think it's funny. These HRs place candidates in a room with AC increased to the maximum and leave them there for hours. I wonder if it's deliberately done to make them see how cool their work environment is. This stunt of theirs almost affected me on 2 occasions. I didn't know I was already frozen until it was time to write the Test. My hands were seriously shaking like someone in Antarctica. Every time I try to pen down an answer, my hand kept dancing away from the answer sheet. I didn't know when I called them to put it off, even though it made me look like a village boy.

4. Countless interview stages

I believe this annoys many job seekers. After attending several stages of the company's interview, you get sent a regret mail, or at worse they never contact you again. The disappointment you feel is made worse when you remember how excited you got when they sent you an SMS that you past their test and made it to the next stage. You feel like committing suicide when you remember how you spent your last card or borrowed money just to attend their interviews. I think the Nigerian Senate needs to set a law that will make companies pay a certain fee to interviewees, even if it's just 1k. This will help cover transportation expenses and prevent companies from inviting job seekers more than they can really employ. Abi no be so?

5. Bogus job titles 

These HRs are now skilled in the art of luring job seekers to apply for jobs they can't even be caught dead doing. This they do by over inflating the job title in an attractive way. You hear titles like Sales Executive, Sales Supervisor, Sales Officer, Sales Consultant etc. That was how a friend of mine wore a wedding suit to an interview cos the job title sounded awesome- Business Development Executive. He was angered when he realized the position was a marketing role with shitty pay and unattainable targets to be achieved before you get the pay. 

To all HRs reading this, make una no vex o. I still dey find job. Make una no use vexation throwey my CV if una see am. Na God I use take beg una. In short, na me Dobale for ground so.

Written by Adewole Segun

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