10 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships And How To Avoid Them

10 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships And How To Avoid Them 10 Behaviors That Ruin Relationships And How To Avoid Them

Most relationship starts with all the fun you could imagine, but in a short while all of this could be lost and we would be left to wonder why. It's not like you have stopped falling in love with each other, what is happening is behavioral change and if this is not checked quickly it cab ruin the relationship. Am sure you don't want that to happen that's why you are here, so here are the top 10 behaviors written by www.kikiotolu.com that can ruin your relationship and I would be telling you how you avoid them.

1. Acting Like You Are Single: This is a top relationship killer. Since you are in a relationship you should never act like you are single. This sort of attitude would be sending all the wrong signals to your partner and this could over time ruin your relationship.

2. Not Honouring Your Partner: Yeah, it's cool to joke at times and make fun but when it leads to you being over sarcastic it can destroy even the best Bollywood relationship. So try to be more humane and honour your partner.

3. Lack Of Affection: I know some of us love to prove that we can do without the opposite s*x and go about our daily affair like we don't care. But hey, you are now in a relationship and this needs to be put to stop if you want the relationship to work out.

4. Focusing On Your Phone More Than Your Partner: Most of us are guilty of this crime (yes its a crime when it comes to relationship). This is no wonder why numerous relationship crashes nowadays. You need to save some more time for your partner and pay attention to them. That if you want the relationship to work out.

5. Nagging: This is the marriage killer. And not only the females are guilty of this, men also have their own irritating way to Nag. So if you sure want your relationship to last long (forever) then kill the nagging spirit in you rather than it killing your relationship.

6. Dishonesty: Trust is key in every relationship and we are all sensitive to trust issues in different ways. Some might take a "petty lie" as a big deal while others would simply ignore it. So to get the best out of your relationship try your best to be honest. This is even going to make it better for you as if you have nothing to hide from your partner you are bound to feel better around that special person.

7. Avoiding Eye Contacts: If at all you are not used to having eye contacts with people since you are in a relationship and with that special one (as you have claimed) then you would need to start having eye contacts with that person. Else you would be sending a wrong signal like you have something to hide.

8. Being Financially Irresponsible: Now that you are in a relationship there are a lot of aspects of your life which needs to change POSITIVELY. If you where the type who spends lavishly and irresponsibly then it's high time you opt for a change else you would be clearly telling your partner that you are not responsible.

9. Being Dominant: It is so glaring that everyone wants to be free and nobody wants to be tied down by a dominant figure. So when in a relationship try your best not to be too over bearing on your partner so as not to make them feel insecure.

10. Always Being On The Edge: Nobody loves that face of you frowning, and I don't think you love it either. So do your partner more good by looking more cheerful and less on the edge like a grenade waiting to explode.

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