Is Nigeria Blessed With Bad Leaders ?

Is Nigeria Blessed With Bad Leaders ? Is Nigeria Blessed With Bad Leaders And Why

Editor’s note: The Nigeria’s problems according to analysts are multifaceted. While some argue that the real problem plaguing the country is bad leadership while others opine that the problems could be blamed not only on bad leadership not also on bad followership.

In this article, a Facebook user, Dr Collins Chika Oriji, explains why the current situation in Nigeria should warrant personal examinations by both the leaders and the led. The current situation of our dear nation should warrant personal examinations. Do we really need to blame anyone in particular or should every wise and intelligent Nigerian blame himself or herself for the state of the nation? 

Very Intelligent Nigerian lecturers would say: "No serious student will be in politics".

Respected Nigerian pastors would say: "No serious believer should even be discussing politics" Corporate organizations wouldn't want any of their wise serving senior staff to engage in politics, though, they are free to use every possible means to bring in the politician's money into the business and will free them for politics when they are brain dead. The only few homes or places where politicians are groomed in Nigeria are:

1. "Agbero" parks that harbour garage boys

2. In campus, club and cult centres which harbour 75% presumed stubborn and carry-over students

3. Street boys and girls, carnival oriented young people who were brought up with "take-go-chop" mentality

4. The most fair or respectable military retirees, who should naturally go home to be fed and properly taken care off by others. Note, when I said "politicians" I don't mean, the appointed men and women who are just there to carry out instructions from the real cabals.

 Where are these cabals made? Perhaps, we can identify and solve national leadership problems. This post is just personal opinion, kindly drop yours in comments column with due regards to others views. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent the editorial policy of

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