Meet Curvaceous Lady Who Romance Politicians For Money

Meet Curvaceous Lady Who Romance Politicians For Money Meet Curvaceous Lady Who Romance Many Politicians For Money

Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo are living the life. Private jets, luxury yachts, exclusive VVIP parties, a closet full of the choicest designer clothes, shoes and bags. It is the kind of life we only imagine or see on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But while Kim and her sisters’ glamorous lifestyle is majorly for their hit reality TV series, the Matharoo’s is their reality. The sisters left their home country of Canada to set up a base in Nigeria in search of greener pastures.

Now for some, the idea of leaving a country like Canada, generally seen as developed, to come settle in a ‘third-world’ Nigeria would seem almost atrocious. But not for Kiran and Jyoti.

The brunette sisters knew to look beyond what the rest of the world sees, but even more, they understood that being light-skinned, extremely beautiful and with the slightest hint of a foreign accent in a country like Nigeria will take you places and buy you things you can only afford to dream of in some backwater town in Canada. They started off as managers in charge of a very pricey restaurant situated in a high-brow area of Lagos and frequented by society’s high and mighty; but with curvaceous bodies to kill for and faces straight out of a magazine cover, it was only a matter of time before the sisters struck gold.

So they found their very green pastures – in the pockets of politicians and oil magnates who would give anything to be in the company of ‘living goddesses’.

Kiran and Jyoti practically have men eating out of the palms of their hands.

The richest men in the country fall over themselves to get a taste of the Canadian-Indian sisters. They get invited to the most exclusive parties in and outside the country and they go everywhere with heavily-armed security details. The Matharoo VIP friendship list also boasts of quite a few celebrity names including Wizkid, Jennifer Obawuyana, celebrity stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo among others.

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