Leak Video: Man Apprehended After Video Of Him R@ping Crocodile Goes Viral

November 30, -0001

A Pretoria man in South Africa identified as Richard Anderson is assisting the police with investigations for allegedly ra_ping a crocodile following a tip-off by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( SPCA ) insiders

According to iMzansi, Richard,in the company of his two friends (names with-held),went to The Apies River,a river that flows through the city of Pretoria. The river, is well-known to be infested with crocodiles.

Mr Anderson has denied allegations of raping the dangerous reptile and told the SAPS that he was actually trying to save his life when he was attacked by the crocodile. When asked why he is seen in the video removing his pan_ts,he left the SPCA and the SAPS officers in stitches when he retorted that after overpowering the crocodile he wanted to ‘teach it a lesson’ before setting it free

According to footage currently in possession of the SPCA and seen by iMzansi ,Mr Richardson is clearly seen tiptoeing towards a crocodile sun-bathing on the river bank, which he then abruptly grabs by its neck. The two are seen tussling for a bit and as the video reaches the 2 minute mark,he lowers his pan_ts and yanks out his manhood which he then shoves into the poor animal’s backside, abusing it. Unfortunately the video stops recording before the action ends as the friend who was recording is heard screaming.

Mr Richard’s companions have since been released from the custody after assisting the SAPS with investigations.It is still not clear how the video found its way to the internet.


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