Dad celebrating ‘miracle’ all-clear from cancer fell to his death from cliff while looking for somewhere to sleep off the booze

November 23, 2017

A devoted dad who was celebrating his ‘mracle’ all clear from cancer died after he fell down a cliff while drunkenly looking for somewhere to sleep off the booze.

Adam Fenton had battled back from a very aggressive form of cancer and had gone out with friends to celebrate his remarkable recovery.

But the 31-year-old was found at the bottom of the 50ft rockface after it is thought he had been trying to find a quiet place to sleep, an inquest heard.

Adam had been diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma nine months beforehand but got the all clear just three weeks before his death after grueling chemotherapy treatment.

At the time the roofer was planning his wedding to devoted fiancee Carly Blackman, 33, who had warned him to sleep somewhere else if he had been drinking.

Adam was a devoted dad to his two children and step-daughter

Adam, dad to daughters Macie, six, Maddison, five, and step-daughter Bayleigh, 13, had a history of being aggressive and emotional after drinking.

Coroner Andrew Cox at the hearing in Truro, Cornwall, said Adam was last seen on CCTV around 3.30am on the day of his death leaving a nightclub in Newquay, Cornwall.

His body was found three hours later on July 29 by a dog walker near Towan Beach in the town.

DC Jazz Yewen, from Newquay CID, said Adam had taken an unusual way home, and couldn’t explain why he didn’t take a more direct route.

Due to the zig-zag nature of Adams route, it took him six minutes to complete a sixty second journey.

His fiancee Carly, pictured with their daughter, has been devastated by Adam’s death

DC Yewen said: “We know that Adam left the pub at 3.33 in the morning. Instead of carrying on the road he then turns left into beach road.

“He could have got to the same location by walking straight down the road. He’s been around Newquay for a few years, the spot was a bit out the way – not many people walking past.

“I don’t think it’s unfair to say that on that night people were giving him a wide birth because they knew what he was like.

“There was a discussion that if he was going drinking he wouldn’t be allowed back in the house.”

Adam’s mother Linda Fenton stressed that she thought it was unlikely that his death was suicide.

She told the inquest: “He would not have gone over there and jumped.

“If he felt that down it would have been when he was being treated for cancer, because he was very unwell but even then he said to me ‘I’ve got nine lives mother’.”

Adam’s two daughters, Macie, six and Maddison, five, and step-daughter, 13-year-old Bailey

A toxicology report found Adam had 190mg of alcohol in his blood – two and a half times the drink-drive limit – and 96mg of cocaine.

Coroner Mr Cox said: “The alcohol and the drugs that were found in the blood samples have not had a direct impact on the death.

“That being said both the alcohol and the cocaine may have affected his judgement. Mr Fenton had finished work and been paid and went out with his work colleagues.

“He had gone into Newquay for a drink, the evidence I have seen is that Mr Fenton had some difficulties managing his alcohol consumption.

“There is no evidence that he had been aggressive. He had much to live for and was in a comparatively good place.

“If he wasn’t going to the toilet he may have been going some where to sleep off the alcohol he had drank.

Adam fell from the cliffs at Towan beach in Newquay
(Image: Getty)

“Miss Blackman made it very clear to Mr Fenton that if he was going to drink he had to sleep elsewhere.

“I do not think he had any intention to go over the cliff edge. “This has been a deliberate act with an unexpected outcome.”

At the time of his death, on behalf of her distraught daughter, Carly’s mum Rebecca Watson, 53, said: “He got diagnosed eight or nine months ago and it was one of the most aggressive forms of cancer and in his heart, lungs and lymph nodes.

“He had six months of chemo and we thought we were going to lose him then. It was a miracle he got through it.

“We never thought he would come out the other side but he did. They said that the tumours had all shrunk.

“They couldn’t say he was in remission but he had a scan and they had all gone.

Towan Beach Newquay
(Image: GoogleMaps)

“We were celebrating. We thought he would never get through it but he responded to the treatment. It was unbelievable.

“He got the all clear three weeks ago and now he’s dead.

“They were about to get married and now the songs they picked for their wedding will be played at the funeral.”

Adam was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma – blood cell tumours – around nine months before his death.

At the time of his death he was still too poorly to work, but Rebecca said he gathered the strength for his first night at the pub with mates on the day he died to celebrate his survival.

The family declined to comment to comment after the inquest.


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