How technology brings families together

May 30, 2018

…As LG builds new products with families in mind

By Prince Osuagwu

With the ever rising demand of workloads at offices, family bonding could be a bit difficult to achieve. At the moment, most people find it difficult to spend quality time together as a family. However, home appliance and device maker, LG Electronics, says technology makes more sense when it provides solutions, traditional problem solving methods couldn’t.


It claimed to have already thought in the direction of a united family long before releasing some of the innovative products on its stable at the moment.

Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa Operations, Mr. Taeick Son said that variety of products available on its stable could actually help bridge the gap created by work load at places of work.

He used the company’s Smart Kitchen solutions as an example. Such technologies, according to him, help even the most unskilled chef to prepare a meal effortlessly. Also, he did not leave out the Smart Oven technology, saying, these are what make the future of kitchens smart, as the world marches into the 4th industrial revolution.

He said: “This new world could be regarded as the best time for families to create unique and memorable moments for themselves and friends with the aid of innovative technologies that are readily available in the market. LG Electronics surely has trustworthy products to help consumers achieve quality family time.

“The current trend of technological advancement is helping to improve the living conditions of human beings and quite remarkably, technology seems to be taking over the lives of people all over the world, adults and kids alike.

For most families, sitting in the living room with each one glued to their respective devices cannot be regarded as having good family bonding together, rather quality family time should include the element of communications among families with necessary feedbacks achieved.

“Using today’s technology, most families can conveniently see a movie outside their homes with family members using projectors that can be attached to phones using a simple white cloth hung up in the backyard. This obviously would create an enabling environment for family and friends to spend quality time together enjoying their favourite movies in a relaxed homely setting”.

He said that LG‘s line up of OLED and Nano Cell TVs are leaders in making cinema-quality viewing possible in  homes. These TVs boast  of wider viewing angles that allow for more people to experience images at peak resolution ideal for gamers.


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