Shock as 400-year-old Human Bones Are Found Inside a German Garden

December 7, 2017
Some human bones dating to as far back as 400 years ago, have been found lying about inside a German garden, sparking investigation.

File photo: Bones and skulls scattered in a cemetery

Some human remains were recently discovered in a garden in Central Germany, a development which sparked an investigation into the matter.

However, police were forced to close a criminal investigation into the matter after after the bones turned out to be 400 years old, PM News reports.

The bones were found in the town of Fritzlar in March, police said as they released the results of radio carbon dating carried out by local researchers.

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The bones, dating from the end of the 16th or beginning of the 17th century, were found buried about one metre below ground during construction work in a private garden, a spokesperson for north Hesse police said on Thursday.

There was a possibility that the bones, of a male or female about 18 years old, could have belonged to a plague sufferer or a victim of the 30 Years’ War which had affected Fritzlar, police said.


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