27TH MARCH 2018

July 13, 2018



Dear Members of our beloved Group, we are back again with very good news for everyone. Here are the latest updates on what has been going on on our different farm sites. We hope you have a nice time with them and please feel free to ask your questions or demand for clarifications if anything is unclear. Thank you as always.


Our rice farms in Nasarawa State have undergone tremendous transformation since the last updates were released. Everywhere has now been planted, the rice plants are already growing, the fields are turning green already and we are all geared properly towards our targets as projected. This is a more detailed breakdown of how it all happened:

Purchase Of High-Quality Faro-44 Long-Grain Type Rice Seedlings

As based on our long-standing tradition and world-class practices, if you want to get the finest rice harvests, then you have to purchase the best of rice seedlings. Thus, we purchased tonnes upon tonnes of standard, high-quality, certified, long-grain Faro-44 rice seedlings. Please see photos and videos below for some of the rice seedlings in sacks for onward transport to the farm sites.

We initially had serious challenges as it was impossible to secure a mechanical planter in all of Nasarawa State, we made arrangement to ship down the one we have and use in Kwara but the rice crew in Kwara was just too busy with farm operations we eventually had to go for broadcasting method of planting, we are glad to state we got excellent results, this you will see in subsequent sections. Our water system has been very useful and we are really enjoying it, we will also be getting more mud pumps as our farms are just too vast, too vast. It is one of the biggest in the entire state and we are not done yet. Our soil texture is good, it is flat bed, rich in clay type with verniculate and illite composition, specifically 2:1 clay mineral composition. The soil was properly analyzed before planting.

Purchase Of Tree-Cutting Machines

Some of the areas of our rice farms had trees and we purchased chainsaw machines which we used in cutting them down. Please see below for photos of the chainsaw machines, you will also notice the cut trees in the videos.

Here is a breakdown of our Nasarawa Crew:

NASARAWA STATE COORDINATOR: Dr. Isaac Adeoye, in charge of all operations in the state

Chief Rice Farm Manager:

Oklo Jonathan

Farm Supervisor 1:

Kelechi Isu

Farm Supervisor 2:

Abubakar Rislanu Umar (OBJ)


  1. Ibrahim Yahaya
  2. Wakala Musa Ahmadu (Baba)
  3. Mohammad Hussaini (Old Soldier)
  4. Hassan Danwaki
  5. Mohammadu Sani
  6. Alhaji Isah Saidu
  7. Danasabe Kura
  8. Abubakar Aliyu Jibrin
  9. Idris Mohammad
  10. Ahmadu Washa
  11. Dalhatu Usman

12.Ukkashat Adamu



Mechanical Operations

Planting has been done too on all the farm sites, it was a hectic time clearing as usual but with competent crews on ground, obstacles were overcome and the rice plants are doing very well. More to come from these farm sites. Please see photos and videos below:

Harvested Rice

One other reason we have also been very busy in the past weeks is that we have been harvesting from our reserve farms from last season in Kwara State. We are very glad to announce that these new batches are under processing (they are quite massive, more details to come on them) and we are very confident we will meet our targets for members in the rice farm groups as this is their rice. We have reserve Abiyamo Rice Farms to always serve as backup in case of natural distaters or unforeseen delays or obstacles, this ensures and allows us to meet our goals as promised our beloved members. All harvested rice are bagged and sold as Abiyamo Rice. As stated in the updates before, our rice has been fully approved for consumption and distribution by the government at all levels. We are awaiting full updates from Kwara ground crew and more detailed information will be published on this. It is quite exciting actually.


Our team has decided that a token amount of one kilogramme samples of the Abiyamo Rice should be given to all interested AFASON Members. This will allow them have a feel, look and taste of how our rice is. While team members have tasted and deliciously enjoyed the rice, we believe it is only fair we allow all interested members also enjoy same benefit. Please all those interested in getting the free rice samples should kindly forward their requests to our powerful Lagos State Coordinator Mr. Matilukuro Segun.


Thanks to our ground teams, we already have advanced orders for Abiyamo Rice especially from Lagos State and Kwara State. Plans are ongoing for the official launch and coverage of more states and markets in the country. This our rice brand was conceived from 100% Nigerian thoughts and 100% local content and we are really glad we took so many things into consideration. More details to be provided on Abiyamo Rice.


We are opening up hubs of distribution of Abiyamo Rice across the country thus interested members who want to be distributors of Abiyamo Rice are fully welcome. Please note that this is open ONLY to our members who already have their own rice farm groups with us. We are giving the rice to them at very mouthwatering prices so they will be able to do good business with it. Some members have shown interest already and we are processing their orders. Other interested members should please forward their requests to our powerfully-powerful Lagos State Coordinator Mr. Matilukuro Segun.


Our farm operations have reached advanced stages and as from 1st of April, 2018, we will be throwing open the farm gates and all REGISTERED members are free to visit, check out the farms, observe operations, interact with farm crews and leave recommendations on ALL farm sites. We love having members on the farms.


As you all know, we render all forms of assistance as much as possible to our members who have their own private farms. We have commenced the distribution of free farm inputs to members and we are following our list. We have delivered the following already to different locations ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO MEMBERS:

  • Cassava stems
  • Maize seedlings
  • Pepper seeds

See photos of some of the delivery of free inputs being done below:

If you are yet to get yours then you will get yours soon.


In the last quarter of 2017, we planted high-quality, disease-resistant and drought-resistant, white starchy TME 419 cassava stems (full updates were given on it that time) and we projected a growth and maturation period of 9-13 months. We are glad to announce that the cassava plants are doing exceedingly well. The last operations we did on the cassava farms was to do weeding all over and you will see this in the photos and video below:

All members with cassava groups, keep smiling!


The Special Maize Project in Kwara was paused because it was a government offer and they are not yet serious with it. We will be kicking off our own inhouse maize operations as usual soonest. We know many maize members cannot wait to see some action on the maize farms as usual…lol

  • We have commenced a maize farm project for an individual member in Oyo State. All updates are specifically given to him and we are open to doing more for other members who may also be interested in these private management services. However, our own main maize projects will be rolled out soon immediately plans are finalized by our experts.


We have made very good security arrangements in place and this explains why we have been able to have hitch-free farm operations. Two farm managers and two security workers were fired and immediately replaced for dereliction of duty. We do not tolerate any mediocre output or sluggish performance from any worker. Our security arrangements remain excellent, reliable and consistent. We also have very solid support from the local communities too.


The software development team has asked for more time to perfect the software they are working on for us. We await further details and updates from their end.


We have received requests for ugwu, ginger and cashew nuts planting (all for exports) by specific members and we are presently working on them. Concerned members will be updated on this as we make progress.

NB: Please make no mistake about this, this project is one of the toughest, most complicated, deeply-technical and challenging anyone can embark upon. Only those on ground can fully understand how crazy and frustrating it can be…lol But not even the biggest obstacles could stop us and we are able to achieve heartwarming success. Failure is NEVER an option for us. Great thanks and appreciation should be given to every single member of our farm crews on all our farm sites, they work day and night, under very difficult conditions to produce amazing results for us all. They are our heroes and we owe them a lot. We also thank members who have paid their dues and contributed their part, they made everything possible and we are always very proud of them. Thank you all for trusting us and for having confidence in our team. We deeply and sincerely appreciate it and protecting your interests AT ALL TIMES is our number one priority. We also call on those who are yet to also do their part do so to please do so on time. We know it is not easy for everyone to raise funds equally at the same time but as we consider you, you should also consider us too, we have gone extra miles to ensure that work never stopped on the farm site of any of our members even for those who have not completed their payments. Let us keep to our winning formula as usual: help us to help you.

Now let us finish ourselves inbox with the pending orders and requests…lol! I thank you very much as usual and trust me, our best together is yet to come!

Sincerely yours,

Abiyamo, for AFASON Team.

Our motto: Growing Food, Creating Jobs and Building Wealth


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