15TH APRIL 2018

July 13, 2018



Rice month! Dear Members of our beloved Group, we are back again with very good news for everyone. Here are the latest updates on what has been going on on our different farm sites. We hope you have a nice time with them and please feel free to ask your questions or demand for clarifications if anything is unclear. Thank you as always.


All hands have been on deck and a lot of background work has been going on in the background in ensuring we make our beloved Members very happy by end of April-early May as projected with beautiful returns on investments. Our efforts relating to local production of rice in Nigeria have yielded tremendous results and we will be updating steadily on these.


Still on rice, some of our biggest rice farms are in Nasarawa State and as clearly outlined in the last updates, work has gone really far on the Nasarawa sites despite incredible challenges and obstacles. Work has been going on nonstop on the rice farms and the plants are doing very well. The rice plants have been germinating at an astonishing rate and we are glad but a lot more still needs to be done and we are doing just that.  Please see the photos and videos below:

Purchase of Tree-Cutting Machine

We had to get the chainsaw cutting machine to clear some of the trees we encountered in some parts of the farms. See below:

Purchase of Five New Pumps, Suction Pumps, Pipes and other Accessories

Considering the vast size of our farms, we had to buy additional pumps (total of five in number) to ensure irrigation was properly done. The pumps were ordered from Onitsha, Anambra State. Suction pumps and other accessories were also purchased. We are using all these in addition to our five reservoir wells dug earlier on.

Basin Construction

Also to ensure our irrigation plans go on well, we had to construct a lot more basins and they have been put to good use. With time and as against future seasons, we will need to construct more water basins and do a large-scale landscaping project of the entire area, this is very crucial and important. Another irrigation expert has also been brought on board. Please see photos and videos below:

Weed Control and Input Applications

The control of weed is one of the most important steps in the production of rice and we are taking this very seriously. The pre-emergence and post emergence applications have also been dutifully applied on the farms.

Visit by National Coordinator

Our National Coordinator travelled from Kwara State to Nasarawa for on-the-spot assessment and inspection of work going on in the rice farms, he also met with the farm crew and his report of what he saw was an excellent commendation for the entire Nasarawa Crew and its able and competent head. He was more than glad with what he saw on ground and we encourage members to also visit and see for themselves.


Mechanical Operations

All mechanical operations have been completed on all the open rice farms and preparations are already in place for the next planting wave in the new rice sites. Rice planting continues constantly at various sites. Our aim is to ensure Abiyamo Rice is available all year round. We are glad to announce that the government has given us approval for a vast new expanse for our next planting cycle in Kwara State and work is to start immediately on this new site. INTERESTED MEMBERS ARE ADVISED TO ALSO JOIN THIS NEW CYCLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AS THE NEW LAND IS QUITE FERTILE BUT LIMITED.

Plantings Done

Just like in Nasarawa, plantings have been done on all the open rice farms and we are already working on the next planting cycle in a back-to-back format.

Harvested Rice

We have been very very busy with harvesting and the post-harvest production activities. We cannot afford to fail our beloved members and that explains why we have been quiet for a while, the work on ground is far more demanding than online so we tend to focus all our resources and attention on the actual work going on on ground. Processing of rice is another totally different and massive work on its own.

The harvested rice is quite massive and an entirely new update is going to be given on it, production, storage, processing, branding, marketing and delivery of the harvested rice are some of the most rigorous aspects of rice production but we are glad that we have recorded great progress that will delight everyone. As I am typing this, the machines are busy processing our rice, some members have also been very helpful and crucial with the logistics, distribution and ultimately, sales of the packaged rice. Please watch out for full updates on this from the Kwara crew.


Yes! Our team has decided that a token amount of one kilogramme samples of the Abiyamo Rice should be given to all interested AFASON Members. This will allow them have a feel, look and taste of how our rice is. While team members have tasted and deliciously enjoyed the rice, we believe it is only fair we allow all interested members also enjoy same benefit. Please all those interested in getting the free rice samples should kindly forward their requests to our powerful Lagos State Coordinator Mr. Matilukuro Segun.


We want to specially thank our members working relentlessly behind the scenes in ensuring our proper penetration of the markets. I want to single out Mrs. Olufunke Sanyaolu from Lagos State for her rugged and steadfast efforts on this matter, we will also take her case up with utmost priority and we are really deeply grateful to her. Thanks to our ground teams, we already have advanced orders for Abiyamo Rice especially from Lagos State and Kwara State. Plans are ongoing for the official launch and coverage of more states and markets in the country. This our rice brand was conceived from 100% Nigerian thoughts and 100% local content and we are really glad we took so many things into consideration. More details to be provided on Abiyamo Rice.


We are opening up hubs of distribution of Abiyamo Rice across the country thus interested members who want to be distributors of Abiyamo Rice are fully welcome. Please note that this is open ONLY to our members who already have their own rice farm groups with us. We are giving the rice to them at very mouthwatering prices so they will be able to do good business with it. Some members have shown interest already and we are processing their orders. Other interested members should please forward their requests to our powerfully-powerful Lagos State Coordinator Mr. Matilukuro Segun.


Our farm operations have reached advanced stages and as from 1st of April, 2018, we will be throwing open the farm gates and all REGISTERED members are free to visit, check out the farms, observe operations, interact with farm crews and leave recommendations on ALL farm sites. We love having members on the farms and those interested in visiting should just drop a message for the admin.


As you all know, we render all forms of assistance as much as possible to our members who have their own private farms. We have commenced the distribution of free farm inputs to members and we are following our list. We have delivered the following already to different locations ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO MEMBERS:

  • Cassava stems
  • Maize seedlings
  • Pepper seeds

If you are yet to get yours then you will get yours soon. Rice operations took all our time so please do not be angry with us…lol! Inputs will be delivered to those who have not received theirs.


In the last quarter of 2017, we planted high-quality, disease-resistant and drought-resistant, white starchy TME 419 cassava stems (full updates were given on it that time) and we projected a growth and maturation period of 9-13 months. We are glad to announce that the cassava plants are doing exceedingly well. The last operations we did on the cassava farms was to do weeding all over and you will see this in the latest video below:

All members with cassava groups, keep smiling!


We have since commenced two major maize projects in Oyo and Kwara States, we will announce the ones for the general house later on.


Following the firing of farm managers and security workers who were not performing up to our level, we instituted new and more capable hands in place. Our security arrangements remain excellent, reliable and consistent. We also have very solid support from the local communities and their chiefs.


The software development team has asked for more time to perfect the software they are working on for us. We await further details and updates from their end.

We will be devoting much of today to addressing outstanding issues left by members in the group. Now let us finish ourselves inbox with the pending orders and requests…lol! I thank you very much as usual and trust me, our best together is yet to come!

Sincerely yours,

Abiyamo, for AFASON Team.

Our motto: Growing Food, Creating Jobs and Building Wealth


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