Boy Caught Pants Down Raping Pregnant Goat

May 14, 2018

A Chiweshe boy from Chaka village in Zimbabwe was caught red handed raping a pregnant goat compelling the village head to send him before Chief Makope’s village court.

According to perplexed Chief Makope heard that the boy was caught in the act after people heard the goat’s agonized bleating.

He was penalized with one cow and an additional four goats to be paid to the owner of the goat.

Chief Makope said he did not tolerate such a disheartening behaviour, hence people who violated Ubuntu should be judged harshly.

“What the boy did is not acceptable in the society and people who do not respect our tradition in such a manner should be treated harshly that is very wrong especially considering his age,” he said.

The raped goat was killed and burnt as it was no longer fit for human consumption.


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