AY Makun: "I’m just a product of God’s grace"

November 30, -0001

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AY Makun

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Speaking with Punch in a recent interview, the popular comedian ran through his major achievements, which he believes were a big hit due to the grace of God.

AY said, “I am just a product of God’s grace. When I shot ‘30 days in Atlanta,’ I just set out to go there and have fun but a lot of people are attributing it to something else.

“They are saying maybe I did juju. I’ve heard all sorts and I’m beginning to suspect myself in the sense that anything I do always comes out well.

“My stand-up comedy show is one of the biggest in the country. Same with my TV show. I’m just a product of grace.

“That is what I tell people. Not because I am the best, not because I know how to do it better. I just have this shining light and I keep praying that the grace remains.”

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AY Makun and wife

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Attributing his success to God’s grace, AY revealed that he had not seen it coming and now plans to bask in it for as long as it lasts.

“For now, let me enjoy my grace. I didn’t know I was going to make a difference, and right now, I am basking in that euphoria. I feel very happy. I didn’t see it coming, not even for a second.

“I mean, I always tell people, I used to go to the library back in the days to just grab that book and read. I had this impression that the people they featured probably had four heads.

“I never knew a day would come when I would see myself in the book. Maybe, somebody is reading it now and thinks AY has four heads too.” he jested.

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AY Makun and his family



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AY went on to encourage upcoming acts to be determined assuring them that determination always pays off.

The 45-year-old comedian come a long way in the 10 years since he began his journey. AY is happily married and is father to a lovely daughter.


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