Nigerian Asylum Seeker Who Claimed That He Was Gay And Had Fought Against Boko Haram Kills German Girlfriend

August 17, 2017

A Nigerian Asylum Seeker identified as Anthony I, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Soopika Paramanathan, in Germany.

28-year-old Anthony is currently facing a murder trial after he reportedly butchered his girlfriend for daring to call off their relationship.

According to reports, Anthony who was seeking asylum in Germany with claims of being a homosexual who ran away from Nigeria after fighting Boko Haram, murdered his 22-year-old girlfriend, Soopika Paramanathan, out of jealousy.

He also reportedly bought a large suitcase which he had planned to dispose of her body with, after stabbing her repeatedly in the streets. He was said to have fled to Switzerland afterwards, but was arrested two days later, at the Basel rail station.

Nigerian asylum seeker who claimed that he was gay and had fought against Boko Haram killed German girlfriend (photos)

Beautiful Soopika Paramanathan was murdered by her Nigerian boyfriend who was an asylum seeker in Germany. Photo: Dailymail

Late Soopika who was known as the ‘Angel of Ahaus’, met Anthony in August 2016, while working as a refugee helper at a local asylum seekers home. After dating for a few weeks, she had ended the relationship and it didn’t go down well with Anthony who waited till February 2017 to murder her.

Even though Sri-Lanka-born Soopika reportedly tried to fight back by using pepper spray while she was being attacked, it didn’t stop her from being stabbed over 50 times in the head, neck and chest.

Nigerian asylum seeker who claimed that he was gay accused of killing German girlfriend

Anthony reportedly lied that he was gay and had fought Boko Haram while trying to get asylum in Germany where he eventually killed his girlfriend. Photo: Dailymail

Following her death, several testimonies about how kind and loving she was, poured in. Her lawyer, Hans-Peter Maas said; “She was a good person. On her birthday she sent gifts to homeless people in Sri Lanka.” Her father also revealed how his daughter was afraid of Anthony before he killed her. He said: “She felt threatened by him and was fearful in the days before the attack.”

While appearing before a court in Muenster, Anthony who came to Germany in 2015 reportedly refused to speak. He faces life imprisonment if found guilty when a verdict will be heard on September 20.



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