I’M writing another novel after guns of power – Odeh former Presidential biographer

July 13, 2018

Former Presidential biographer and former DG of the National Films and Video Censors Board Madam Roseline Odeh says she is packaging another novel after her last; Guns of power which the US based publishers Strategic Book Publishing and Rights LLC say sold out on Amazon and other physical and online platforms.

Odeh spoke to Newsmakers midweek adding that she had many manuscripts to edit but taking them one at a time.

“I am encouraged by the success of Guns of Power so I should write again” she quips. “It is only logical to do so especially when the US based publishers are encouraging me to. I was on sabbatical leave and dusted up a manuscript written several years ago to retouch it when the publishers snapped it up.

Odeh was one of the most prolific biographers of Nigerian leaders during her times as head of research and documentation at the Federal Ministry of Information.  She was editor of who is who in Nigeria, a compendium published by the Federal Ministry of Information. She also wrote biographies of Nigerian leaders and heads of states including Buhari and Idiagbon and produced a documentary film themed on the famous Better Life for Rural Women which won international award.

After her meritorious  retirement from Nigeria civil service, she was called up to become Director  General National Film and Video Censors Board from where she retired again to run Grotto Afrique; Gallery of History in Abuja Nigeria.

Readers of Guns of power described Odeh as a lucid and suspenseful writer and commend her for telling an African tale, taking the reader through the customs, culture and traditions of the people.

Guns of Power is the story of the tumultuous love affair between a young couple; one a soldier whose involvement in a military coup in an African country trumps him up as Head of state and the other a young village university undergraduate.

It is a love story during military rule in West Africa and reflects life in the 1960s when Military coups were rampant. In the novel, John, a young military officer falls in love with Noma, a young undergraduate at the university.

Their love story takes a dramatic turn when John becomes the head of state after a coup. The politics and intrigues that follow are mindboggling and tragic.


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