Billionaire Folorunso Alakija shares throwback photo of herself when she was 7 years old

July 13, 2018

The past is the history that many people never want to forget, it connects us to our history as human beings and as individuals. With a memory of the past it is easy to trace back our mistakes and change them.

Nowadays the trend of sharing throwback photos is what connects us to who we were before we became who we are now and the same is the case for one of the richest black women in the world.

Folorunso Alakija, before she became the woman we knew today, the one that is recognised and respected as the richest woman in Nigeria and one of the richest women in Africa, she was just a cute little girl.

The billionaire business woman took a trip down memory lane and shared a photo of herself when she was just seven years old in 1951. In the photo, she was standing beside her sister and they were rocking matching outfits.

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Alakija who had shared the throwback photo on her Instagram page, wrote: “#FlashbackFriday. A #throwback photo of my sister (Doy) and I (Flo) in 1951 as a 7-year-old always-smiling little girl Pictures are not only worth a thousand words, but also the precious memories embedded into them. My Birthday in 2 days We certainly have come a long way. All the glory belongs to God.”

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Probably because of her status as one of the richest black women in the world, the billionaire business woman seems to like sharing throwback photos.

It could be an effort to go down memory lane or to look back on everything she went through to become the respected woman she is today.

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A few weeks ago, she shared a throwback photo of herself in 1973, while she was working as a secretary at Sijuade enterprises.

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