Nigerian lady gives man who proposed to her in public dirty slaps (video)

July 8, 2018

All through the end of 2017 to this July 2018, there has been a buzz about public proposal with both males and females taking the step to propose to the man or woman of their dreams.

Some of these public proposals ended with smiles, jubilation and congratulatory messages from friends and family members while some of the public proposals ended with public embarrassment.

Public embarrassment during proposals became a reoccurring event, some ended with rejections while others ended with fight.

Another public proposal at a mall in Lagos took a wrong turn this Sunday, July 8, after a lady landed the man who proposed to her slaps several times. A video of the sad moment has gone viral on social media.


Nigerian lady gives man who proposed to her in public dirty slaps
Photo source: Facebook user AY Comedian

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In the video, the lady could be heard arguing with the man who seemed to be begging her after she refused his proposal.

The lady was later heard calling people’s attention to what was going on after she slapped the man a few times. He was seen trying to stop her from calling the attention of the mall goers.

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After a few exchange of words, the lady walked away from him but the persistent man who was still trying to plead with her received another slap that landed him flat on the floor of the mall.

Watch video below:

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Although, it was pretty difficult to hear what the two were arguing about, it seemed like the lady rejected his proposal over something the man did. had reported the story of a lady who was embarrassed by her two boyfriends during a proposal.

How would you react if your woman rejects your marriage proposal in public? – on TV

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