Woman lands in hospital after her boyfriend borrowed N650,000 for his wedding with another woman in Ekiti

July 8, 2018

– A Twitter user identified as DCelebrityNurse recently shared a heart-breaking story

– According to her, a Nigerian woman got the worst heartbreak that sent her straight to the hospital

– Apparently the unnamed victim borrowed her so-called boyfriend N650,000 only to see photos of him marrying another woman in Ekiti few weeks later

A Nigerian woman has experienced the worst type of heartbreak in the history of broken relationships. According to a Twitter user identified as DCelebrityNurse, a colleague of hers whose name she withheld was in happy love affair with a man she thought was her soul mate only to get heartbroken.

Apparently, the said boyfriend asked his girlfriend to loan him N650,000, claiming he wanted to rush to Paris for a business deal with a promise to pay back on his return. Trusting and generously, she gave him the money.

Three weeks later, she stumbled upon his wedding photos where e was apparently, tying the knot with another woman in Ekiti state. She immediately went into shock mode and landed in the hospital where she’s slowly recuperating.

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