Nigerian lady rains curses on a man who asked for kerewa after toasting her sister

June 13, 2018

A Nigerian woman on Facebook recently called out a man who had earlier cursed her sister and her family for refusing to sleep with him.

Identified as Antee May, she said the man named Emeka Iche on facebook has asked her sister out and allegedly requested for s*x on the social media platform. But he probably got angry after she turned down his request and then resorted to cursing her family.

She added that the said man after what he did sent her a friend request on Facebook. So angered by his actions, she wrote a lengthy post on her timeline raining curses on the man, threatening to destroy his life.

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She wrote: “Emeka Iche you’re a fool. A disgrace of a man. My God in heaven will punish. Yesterday, you got my Elder sister’s number on Facebook, and sent her useless messages on WhatsApp requesting for s*x that you’ll pay her 10k. She ignored your messages and blocked you on WhatsApp. As if that wasn’t enough, you proceeded to Messenger this morning, insulted her and my family. I have read all the ill things you wished her and her family. When you were done, you blocked her. I’ll post the screenshot later coz her phone is off now.

Nigerian lady rains curses on a man who threatened her family

Antee May calls out man who cursed her family.
Source: Facebook/Antee May

I’m still trying to understand your reason for sending me this request after all the insults you poured on not just her but my family. Is it to try same with me?

You’re a bittered fool, an unfortunate he goat, a demented twerp. You say you’re an MSc student in Unical, if that is true, I’ll frustrate you. Your kind is not fit to be in a citadel of learning. You should be checked into a psychiatric home or a rehab. You’re suffering from neurosis to have crossed my path. I am going to so ruin you that you’ll regret ever sending me a request.

Bastard. Ugly thing. You must really be s*x starved to come begging for s*x on Facebook. No girl in her right senses would allow you go close talk more of taking her panties off to insert your 0.0003cm wretched peanut of a p*nis. Your kind should be raped in the anus with a strapon d*ck to have a feel of what s*x is.

Nigerian lady rains curses on a man who threatened her family

Mr. Emeka Iche

Ewu, ekpok, odiokono fi ye ufok fo.

You think every girl is a prostitute like those in your lineage. 50 naira would’ve saved your parents this shame.

Your mother tried aborting you but it did not work, why? You’re cursed and only needed to be brought into this world to cause misery to them and everyone around you. If condoms weren’t available, they would’ve used polythene bags so you wouldn’t escape.

Your destiny is useless because of s*x. S*x that my male dog is getting free of charge from bitches is what you cannot get. My dog is better than you and your entire family put together.

Instead of wasting your life away, get a rope, go into a forest and hang yourself. Don’t use the ceiling fan in your cubicle lest you desecrate the land. No, you don’t even sleep in a house to own a ceiling fan, you sleep in the gutters. So stand up from the gutter, stand in the road so a vehicle can crush your s*x-starved walking dead body to its final death.

his is only a preamble. Get ready for more when the phone comes on.”

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