Check out young lady’s amazing weight loss transformation photos

June 13, 2018
55 Views had reported the story of a young lady who became viral after she lost weight in a year. The young lady’s transformation photos were shared on Twitter by a friend.

Ufa Dania who is based in Abuja shared the story of how she lost her weight and what gave her the determination to do so. She explained that she had always been the fat girl all her life and she need a change.

She had taken a gap year after graduating from secondary school and she decided to lose weight. According to her, all she did was to exercise a lot and reduce the excess carbs she ate regularly.

The topic of her amazing transformation has come again on Twitter after a young man Identified as Alimi Ibrahim shared her photos. The young man asked people to state reasons why they haven’t lost weight.

weight loss transformation photos

Young lady’s weight loss transformation photos surfaces online
Photo source: Twitter user Don Halogen

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