Young lady flaunts wealth acquired from her ashawo business, says she has 2 condos and 2 Range Rovers (photos)

June 11, 2018

– A young lady who works as a call girl has showed off her wealth

– The lady shared photos of her house and money

– She announced that she bought to apartments and two Range Rovers with the money she made from being a call girl has come across the story of a young lady who became a call girl in other to make money and finance her education. The lady who calls herself Mulatto Diamonds showed off her wealth on social media.

Mulatto Diamonds shared photos on Twitter flaunting piles cash litered around her living room. The lady who is proud of how she makes a living expressed that the money she made put her through school.

The lady further noted that she also got two apartments and two 2018 Range Rovers with what she gets paid from her business.

Young lady flaunts wealth

Young lady who sponsored herself through college with money from ashawo business flaunts wealth
Photo source: Twitter user Mulatto Diamonds

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Young lady flaunts wealth

She has two condos and two cars
Photo source: Twitter user Mulatto Diamonds

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According to her, people can say what they like about how she makes a living but they should not forget to say she gets paid for it.

She wrote: “I take my clothes off for money … so This has paid for college, gotten me 2 2018 range rovers, 2 condos and a lovely a*s life. Call me a hoe but don’t forget to put “PAID” in front of that

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