Photos of late CNN broadcaster and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain eating Nigerian food

June 10, 2018

Cable News Network (CNN) reporter Anthony Bourdain has passed away at the age of 61. The reporter who was known for his ward-winning series Parts Unknown had been a big fan of Nigerian cuisine.

As a travel documentarian Bourdain brought the world to his viewers through the act of sharing a meal. He made it his life’s mission to bring extrordinary diversity of culture and cusines from across the world to viewers.

The reporter who had passed away on Friday, June 8, reportedly took his own life. He was more than a reporter, he was a gifted chef and a talented storyteller who used his skills to inform people about the rest of the world.

Bourdain was considered one of the most influential chefs in the world by many commentators, due to his gift of storytelling.

Popular CNN broadcaster Anthony Bourdain

Popular CNN broadcaster Anthony Bourdain who died at 61 loved Nigerian food
Photo source: Twitter user Egosasere

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Due to the nature of his job, Bourdain was able to have a taste of almost every cuisine and culture across the world. And he seemed to have been a fan of Nigeria‘s cuisine and culture.

Photos of the journalist were shared to celebrate him on Twitter. Many of those photos includes times where he was captured eating one food or the other.


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