5 things to know about cleaner who got a N7k salary increase after returning lost N12m in 2015

June 8, 2018

People like Josephine Ugwu are rare, people who are strong enough to return a huge amount of money that was lost. Ugwu became a Nigerian symbol of integrity in 2015, after she returned N12,000,000 back to it’s owner.

The woman who was working as a cleaner at Murtala Muhammed International Airport had stumbled upon a pile of cash while she was cleaning the toilet. The honest woman had returned the money by taking it to the security.

As at 2015, the exchange rate was different and the pile of cash Ugwu found was in dollars ($28,000) which is N10,080,000 at the current exchange rate but then it was a total of N12,000,000.

N12,000,000 or N10,000,000, even the lowest amount of money could be difficult to return for anyone especially for one who doesn’t have much to live on. Someone like Ugwu who had been earning N7,800 per month.


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