MR ZYLOFON: Meet Nana Appiah Mensah; Super Rich Young Bizman Taking Over Ghana

May 18, 2018

-Owns Private Jet, More Than 10 Companies With Over 2000 Staff

At a young age, Nana Appiah Mensah, has within a period as short as 2 years put himself in the history books of Ghana. His story, within this period, has spread across every part of the country, a development that has also seen his personality gaining popularity in neighbouring nations like Nigeria, and globally too.

He came like a lightening and in no time everyone was talking about him. He is ranked among Ghana’s current top business moguls today, something quite remarkable at his age.

He is a big man in the news across Ghana today because he has thrown up big investments in popular sectors in the country’s soci-economic setup. His business interests cover; gold, broadcasting, media&entertainment, real estate, and more. His first big entrance was Zylofon Media, a multimedia entertainment company established to supply profitable, acceptable, audio and visual entertainment to diverse domestic and international consumers. Under Zylofon Media he has Zylofon FM, Zylofon Music, Zylofon Movies, Zylofon TV, Zylofon Marketing and Copyright office.

Zylofon music has most of Ghana’s biggest music stars signed onto its label. They include; Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and Becca. Zylofon has also bought over the sponsorship rights of the annual Ghana Movie Awards and recently, the company got the sponsorship rights of the Ghana Premier League in a major move.

Nana Appiah Mensah also owns Menzgold Ghana Limited, a company that deals in Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones and metals.

He also owns Brew Marketing Consult Co. Limited, which sells outsourced products from MENZGOLD GH. LTD.

Outside Ghana, Nana owns Menzgold Espana S.L In Spain, which he established in September 2017. The company’s activities include; construction, installations, and maintenance, wholesale and retail trade real estate activities.

T.I.A. Holdings (USA) is yet another of the company owned by Nana. Unofficial sources put the figure of staff employed at his various companies at over 2000. Last year, he joined the league of a few super rich Ghanaians who own private jets when he acquired his own.

However, since he announced his arrival on the scene in Ghana, Nana has always been in the news. The fact that his emergence on the scene was sudden had got many making attempts to dig into his part to know his success story.

Meanwhile, for what importance the background Nana had risen from might be for those making efforts to know, the fact remains that he has hit Ghana like a storm and his presence has been widely recognised.

Despite the challenges, he has run the Zylofon Group with the vigour of a young man who is set out for a mission and the results are showing in some of the feats he has recorded in about 3 years. We heard that he is about launching the operations of Zylofon in Nigeria anytime from now.

Nana is well-loved by many. He is also said to be a big, cheerful giver too. He has a foundation set up in his name that gives succour to the needy in Ghana.


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