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 Type of Meat used in Nigerian cuisines     


Eran Igbe Venison
Any kind of game meat including antelope deer (venison) and grass cutter. The most valued is grasscutter. These meats are considered as delicacies and are highly priced.

Goat meat
Also known as mutton is commonly used for any kind of celebration or feast. The goat or rams are sold live and priced according to weight and size. The head is used for a special Igbo dish (Isi-ewu)

Chicken Guinea fowl & Turkey
These are still purchased live and taken home to be

killed and cleaned. Until recently these were used mostly on special occasions but with modem technology fast taking over with new breeding and preserving techniques these are now widely available frozen at reasonable cost and equal to beef in popularity.

Ox Tongue
Remove skin by dipping whole fresh tongue in boiling hot water for a few minutes and scrapping with a sharp knife.

Ox Heart
Remove surrounding fat and treat as fresh beef.

Cow foot
Usually sold smoked cleaned and party boiled

Both blanket and honey comb can be bought ready cleaned and partly cooked

This is still the most expensive part of beef in Nigeria. Sold cleaned with the outer skin on it takes longer to cook but by using a pressure cooker cooking time is considerably reduced.

Eggs are still an expensive commodity in Nigeria they featured less in many of the dishes but are thoroughly enjoyed eaten boiled.

Generally known a Pomo the cow skin is singed burnt and scrapped to remove all the hairs and subsequently reconstituted in water and sold.

Pork is not as commonly used as beef. Usually sold salted and is forbidden by the Moslems as it has been described as an unclean animal in Holy Qur'an.

Beef is widely eaten in Nigeria. Freshly killed and sold daily in the markets. Could be a little bit expensive but be prepared to haggle down the price with the butcher All parts of the freshly killed cow (beef and bones) is sold with nothing wasted.

Dried beef (Kundi)
This is fresh beef that has been air-dried in the sun an hot' smoked. Soak overnight in cold water before use.


Liver & kidney
Usually ox liver or kidney-should be soaked in salted water for a few hours before cooking to mellow out the strong flavour.

Salt beef and pork are used in the Nigerian cuisine largely because in the old days there was no refrigeration and in the hot climate meat spoiled easily. Salting was one of the methods used in preserving fresh meats. Although with the invention of modern technology people still use salt meats because they have a acquired a taste for it.

To salt beef
2.5 fresh beef pork or mutton
500g/lib coarse salt
ltsp saltpetre
2 tablespoon sugar

Mix the salt saltpetre an sugar together in a large glass or china bowl. Rub the mixture well into the meat. Sprin kled a little more dry salt over the meat. Cover and leave in a cooled place. Pour out any liquid that collects daily sprinkle with more salt and mm over until dry for a few days. Remove from bowl sprinkle with more salt and wrap in clean muslin and store until required. To use: Wash meat thoroughly and soak in cold water for 4 hours or preferably overnight before cooking.

Courtesy of Laura Edet

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