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 Types of Fish used in Nigerian cuisines     



Excellent source of protein calcium phosphorous and vitamins A&D fish and hot smoked dried fish is eaten widely in Nigeria. Fresh fish was preserved by hot smoking till dry on wood fires by fisherman who went to sea in their canoes. The demand keeps the local fish industries thriv ing and smoke dried fish has become synonymous with Nigerian cuisine. All types of white or oily fresh fish cray- fish and prawns are preserved by this method.

Types of fish

White fish :- Sole Cod Tilapia Bream Catfish.
Oily fish :- Whitebait Herring Mackerel Sardine.
Shellfish: -Prawns Crayfish Crab Lobster Periwinkles.
Stockfish (air-dried fish usually Cod imported from Nor-
way) used preferably soaked overnight in cold salted water
before cooking.

Good fresh stock made from bones and flesh of meat fish and poultry with added vegetables herbs and spices is the base on which most recipes in this book is built. The bones releas gelatine whilst cooking which gives body to the stock and the vegetables gives additional flavour thus enhancing greatly the overall taste of a dish whenever used. But if time is of the essence stock or bouillion cubes are accept able replacement following the makers instructions for use. The disadvantage I find with this is the lack of jellying qualities and some are too highly seasoned and after a while every dish starts tasting the same. Vacuum parked fresh stock portions is now readily available in supermarkets.


Courtesy of Laura Edet

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