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Acholonu Catherine

Posted by Webby on 3/6/2003 11:18:10 AM

Acholonu Catherine

Born on October 26th 1951, Dr. Catherine Acholonu is a committed mother of four children. But this role has not stopped her from driving her ambition. With an overwhelming resume Acholonu dared to contest the for the presidency of the country, even when her husband was still a deputy governor.

Recently her works won personal appreciation by the former president of the United States bill Clinton. Commending her on the thoughtfulness expressed in two of her books titled The Earth Unchained, a quantum leap in the consciousness and Motherise the Afrocentric Alternative to Feminism. Acholonu is the author of 13 published books she has also bagged the award of fellow of the institute of corporate administration and women of merit gold for her strong leadership qualities and outstanding contributions. In 1997 during the African first ladies peace mission in Abuja.

Acholonu was voted one of Nigeria's most out standing women achievers at a national conference organised by the national council for women societies NCWS she was also nominated for inclusion into the 17th edition of the elitist international authors and writers who's who of world renowned authors published in Cambridge united kingdom Acholonu is an alumnus of the university of Dusseldorf, Germany an associate professor in English and African studies and a former Fulbight scholar and writer-in residence at the Westchester consortium for international studies new York USA her books are used as text books and resource materials around the world.

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