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Nigerian Names and Meaning

Find tons of Nigerian Names Meaning and their corresponding meaning... Here at Search our carefully researched & assembled directory of hundreds of Nigeria baby names, and is rated among premier baby name sites on the web today. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most comprehensive Nigeria baby name lists. BECAUSE, of course, only the best will do for your baby.

When I was naming my children I tried to gather a large list of very cute & popular baby names that were slightly different, perhaps in their spelling or pronunciation. I just wanted something that would stand out a bit from the crowd without making my children subject to ridicule.

So, we at OnlineNigeria Baby Names Search wanted to make gathering that special list of Nigerian Names Meaning and other baby names to make the selection process much easier for you.

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Ibekwe Unisex lgbo Our agreement is God's wish
Iberedemobong Unisex Ibibio God's support or strength
Ibidokun Yoruba family becomes (as wide as) the sea
Ibidun Yoruba child birth is sweet
Ibijoke Yoruba family pampers together
Ibikeye Yoruba childbirth brings honor
Ibikunle Yoruba birth (children) fill the house
Ibilola Yoruba childbirth is wealth
Ibiolagbajosi Yoruba the place wealth converges at
Ibirinade Yoruba
Ibironke Female Yoruba Family will love this child
Ibironke Yoruba family has found who to pamper
Ibisola Yoruba childbirth makes wealth
Ibiyemi Yoruba childbirth honors me
Ibrahim Male Hausa Abraham
Ibukunoluwa Yoruba blessing of God
Idaramfon Female Benin Happiness is free
Idogbe Male Yoruba Second child born after twins
Idowu Yoruba the name given to the child born after a set of twins
Idris Male Hausa Isaac
Idurotioluwa Yoruba the steadfastness/ abiding presence of God
Ife Female Yoruba Love
Ife Yoruba means love
Ifeade Yoruba love of the crown
Ifechi Male lgbo The Light Of God

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