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Nigerian Names and Meaning

Find tons of Nigerian Names Meaning and their corresponding meaning... Here at Search our carefully researched & assembled directory of hundreds of Nigeria baby names, and is rated among premier baby name sites on the web today. We pride ourselves in bringing you the most comprehensive Nigeria baby name lists. BECAUSE, of course, only the best will do for your baby.

When I was naming my children I tried to gather a large list of very cute & popular baby names that were slightly different, perhaps in their spelling or pronunciation. I just wanted something that would stand out a bit from the crowd without making my children subject to ridicule.

So, we at OnlineNigeria Baby Names Search wanted to make gathering that special list of Nigerian Names Meaning and other baby names to make the selection process much easier for you.

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Temitope Yoruba mine (my circumstances) are worth thankfulness
Tewogbola Yoruba stretch out your hands to receive wealth
Timilehin Female Yoruba God is with you
Tinuade Yoruba from within the crown
Tirenioluwa Yoruba it is yours, Lord!
Titilayo Yoruba endless joy
Titilola Yoruba endless wealth
Tiwa Female Yoruba Who owns the kingship
Tiwalade Yoruba ours is the crown
Tiwalolu Yoruba ours is God
Tiwatope Yoruba our situation is worthy of thanks
Toben Male lgbo Praise God
Tochukwu Male lgbo Praise God
Tolulope Yoruba Gods
Tolulore Yoruba gift which belongs to God
Toluwalase Yoruba God
Toluwalogo Unisex Yoruba Glory to God
Toluwani Yoruba Gods belonging
Towobola Yoruba dip your hand into wealth
Tujuka Female Yoruba Cheerful
Uchechukwu Unisex lgbo God's will
Ucheoma Unisex lgbo Good will
Udo Female lgbo Peace
Udoka Female lgbo Peace
Udumelue Female lgbo Crowned with honor & pride

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