Bomb Scare Forces an Evacuation at Euston Station in London Briefly After Small Explosion by e-Cigarette

Bomb Scare Forces an Evacuation at Euston Station in London Briefly After Small Explosion by e-Cigarette

Euston Station in London, the British capital, was evacuated by police after an e-cigarette is believed to have caused 'a small contained explosion'. 

British police evacuated London's Euston station on Tuesday evening after a small explosion, most probably caused by an e-cigarette in a bag, prompted a lock-down and sent dozens of armed officers racing to the scene.

Britain is on high alert after a series of militant attacks in London and Manchester this year that have killed 36 people.

Earlier on Tuesday, Liverpool airport was evacuated and passengers kept on their planes while a bomb disposal team dealt with a suspicious package. It soon returned to "business as usual", a spokesman said.

At Euston, one of London's busiest train stations, people were seen on clips on social media running out of the building.

"Officers are currently at Euston station responding to a security alert," the British Transport Police said in a statement.

"We are investigating but there appears to have been a small contained explosion which is believed to have been caused by an e-cigarette which was in a bag at the station. No one is believed to have been injured."

It said the station should open shortly but there may be delays after officers with search dogs checked that the area was safe.

Earlier in the evening, witnesses said passengers were running out of the station in panic. Bystanders claimed to have seen smoke coming from an item of luggage on the main station concourse.

Mykola Kuzmin, 20, was working at the Leon restaurant on the station's first floor when people started running into the restaurant.

Mr Kuzmin, who claims to have been on Westminster Bridge and not far from London Bridge when the terror attacks happened, described scenes of sheer panic in the station.

He said: "People started rushing towards the restaurant and some younger people were pushing customers to find refuge in the kitchen. Three people tried to enter one of the fridges, they were crying and shaking. Some people were screaming 'No, I don't want to die'."


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