She Gave Me the Craziest Shower S3x of My Life - Man Narrates

She Gave Me the Craziest Shower S3x of My Life - Man Narrates Photo used for illustrative purpose

A man has narrated an experience how a friend gave him the best shower s*x of his life that has refused to erase from his memory.

I asked a girl mate for s*x and we had a crazy afternoon in the shower. I want to do it again but she says no way. It is complicated because I am already engaged to another girl. My fiancée is beautiful but she wants to wait until after we are married to have s*x.

She says it is not all that important and will not even talk about the sexy things I want to do. I am 24, she is 21 and we’re on opposite sides of the world as I was sent to work at my Australian office for six months. The time difference means it is not easy to phone. We text a lot but she always falls asleep when I want to start sexting her.

I respect her choice to stay a virgin until we marry next year but I would love her to do something to keep me excited.

I recently moved into a new flat-share with another guy. He has a girlfriend who lives in the flat below us with her mate.

They are both 25. The girls spend a lot of time in our flat and I became very jealous when I saw my flatmate cosying up with his girlfriend. The girls were with us last Saturday afternoon and we all had a few drinks. Then my mate and his girl disappeared into his bedroom.

I was sitting next to the other girl and decided to try my luck. I kissed her and she responded. We talked about sexy things we could do and I was really turned on. We had s*x in my bed and then an even more amazing time in the shower afterwards.

It was the first time I had done something so wild and it was better than I had ever imagined it could be. She knows I am engaged and she now says that it was just an afternoon of madness and will not happen again. I really want it to but she totally refuses.

I love my fiancée but I am at breaking point with frustration now.


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