Woman's Leg Swells Almost to Her Body Size Due to a Mystery Potentially-Deadly Disease (+Photos)

Woman's Leg Swells Almost to Her Body Size Due to a Mystery Potentially-Deadly Disease (+Photos) Rezia Begum sufferes from a potentially-deadly condition

A mother-of-three is begging for help after a potentially deadly disease has left one of her legs swollen. 

Rezia Begum sufferes from a potentially-deadly condition

A woman's leg has swelled to enormous proportions in a potentially-deadly condition leaving many fearing for her life, Dailymail has reported.

The mother of 3 identified as Rezia Begum, 40, right leg weighs around 132lbs (60kg) due to suspected elephantiasis. It was gathered that the woman from Bangladesh has suffered with the condition ever since the birth of her second daughter 18 years ago.

Although it is unclear how Ms Begum's condition affects her, she says she is now dependent on the support of her relatives. 

Ms Begum said: 'I was like any other normal woman but now I'm a burden on my poor family.'

Although she is being cared for at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh, she is yet to begin treatment. Surgery and additional tests are required before therapy can start. 

Elephantiasis affects around 120 million people globally. It is characterised by the massive enlargement of an area of the body due to obstruction of the lymphatic system. 

This results in the accumulation of fluids in the affected part of the body. Although it is unclear the extent to which Ms Begum's condition affects her, other sufferers have been left unable to walk or urinate as a result of the disorder. 


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