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Posted to the web: 1/14/2003 7:41:04 PM
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I. The lbom Connection a unique landmark built in 1989 on the site of the former Uyo inner city circus

2. Akwa lbom State Secretariat Complex. Uquo Ibeno

3. Ibeno Beach: A 30 km-long beach of clean sea sand to be developed for tourism.

4. The Mobil Oil Terminal at Ibeno.

5. The first Qua lboe Church building at Ibeno, erected in 1912 at the point where the first missionary and the founder of the Qua lboe Church landed in 1887.

Ikot Ekpene
6. Raffia weaving and wood carving. Oron

7. Oron Museum where the famous 'ekpu' carvings are preserved

8. Ebughu fishing trawlers berth.

9. Jamestown beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

10. Nwaniba beach along the lower Cross River valley. There is a golf course here.

Ikot Abasi
II. Opobo Boatyard: A collection of abandoned ships of varius types and sizes litter the yard where boat building has long been suspended at this ancient river port.

12. Uta Ewa beach near Ikot Abasi.

13. Mary Slessor's house at Ikot Offiong, where the famous pioneer Scottish missionary devoted herself to humanitarian services.

14. Rolling hills and deeply incised valleys.


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