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na fura dey here

Posted by felix samuel on Monday, February 20th, 2017

Written by: felix samuel, dj feloskid

There was an alhaji, who has many wealth! One day he was coming back from a meeting in his expensive car, some groups of robbers admired him for some while and found out that he is very rich, they decided to pay him a visit in the night at his house so as they knocked at the gate, the gateman came out and they shot him and he died. when the rich man saw what happened, he open the fridge and hid himself then the robbers went in and search the whole house but didn't find him, they decided to go as they were on they way, one of them heard a noise coming from the fridge so he went to the fridge and asked who dey there? and the rich man answered "na fura dey here"

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