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Wise Man

Posted by Zack on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Written by: Zack,

HUSBAND: Sweetheart!
WIFE: Yes honey!
WIFE: Why?
HUSBAND: Come first.
WIFE: Ok, I’m here.
HUSBAND: Pull off your clothes.
WIFE: What for?
HUSBAND: Please, do it now!
WIFE: Pulls her clothes off.
HUSBAND: Pull off your panties.
WIFE: (confused) why?
HUSBAND: Just do it now!
WIFE: Ok (pulls her panties off). I’m Unclad now.
HUSBAND: Come to the bed!
WIFE: (goes to the bed) Here I am!
HUSBAND: Spread your legs!
WIFE: (stunned) I’ve done it!
HUSBAND: Help me count my money!
WIFE: Must I be unclad while counting your money?
HUSBAND: Yes, because I don’t trust you when it comes to money!

Which state do you think this man comes from?

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