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70 Exciting Tourist Destinations in Nigeria

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Silicon Hill

Near the Nkpologu campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) is found this very important mineral deposit.

The hill which is more than 300 metres above sea level and almost half a kilometre long has silica, an important raw material for the manufacture of glasses.

The surrounding environment is very captivating with hills, valleys and plains beautifully wrapped up such that one cannot ignore it's breath taking views and awe inspiring blend.

Mbari Cultural Centres
The home of Mbari sculptural houses. These sculptures are robust art manifestations of the prevalent social life and a monumental art sacrifice to "ALA" the earth goodness.

In Mbari, Imo State there are very many objects like the terrorising beast, the plastic forms of symbols of the prevalent deities among which is the "ALA" herself, the Amadioha (Thunder god), the Ogwugwu (forest god) each deity with his or her mystical messengers such as Snakes, monkeys,rams, tortoise and owl are properly represented.

A number of symbolic models were sculptured or painted. These sculptures reflect the open air museum and found in Ikenegbu layout Owerri and at Eke-Nguru in Aboh Mbaise.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex
The holiday complex situates in Oguta local government Area of Imo State about 40km (forty kilometres) away from Owerri, the Capital of Imo State. The lake is of fresh water and the second largest natural lake in the country after lake Chad.

To complement the complex water based recreation services, there are other interesting attractions to watch. These include: Golf Course with 18 standard international holes. Relic of war (mini bunker) constructed by the defunct Biafran Navy during Civic war.

Natural confluence of Oguta Lake and Urashi River. Cruise boat services. Golf Club Bar House/Oguta Lake Motel for refreshment, lodging and feeding. Mini children recreation park.

Bimin Kudu Rock Painting Birnin Kudu town lies in the South of Jigawa State. Bimin Kudu is noted for the presence of rocks. Fascinating are the ancient paintings on these rocks. The different paintings are eloquent information on the styles of the early settlers in the area.

NOK Village A trip to the Nok Village in Kaduna State launch- es visitors into physical romance with the so much talked about culture of the Nok people. The cultures has been known for over 2,500 years.

The Nok culture is better appreciated appraising the excavations made by the numerous scholars and Remarkable for its height, the minaret is said to have served as a watch tower against advancing attackers.

The minaret which was built for sighting enemies has been transformed into a sightseeing attraction, having been declared a national monument.


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