3 Important Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Android Device

3 Important Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Android Device Android Device

There is no-much-big-deal with selling something you don't need again. And of course, there is no-much-big-deal with selling your Android device. You know, some people need quick cash, and would gladly sell their Android devices to take care of their immediate needs. Some decide selling their devices because they intend getting some latest version. What I'm trying to say is that, there is nothing wrong with selling one's Android device. 

Nevertheless, it is necessary that we face reality. There are different kinds of humans with different beliefs and different personalities. While there are many good people out there, there are also lots of bad-hearted people. Many of these bad-hearted people won't hesitate to utilize the slightest opportunity to perpetuate mischievous acts. They won't mind using your private information against you, once they get hold of it (in terms of blackmailing, impersonations, etc)

Therefore, before you sell your Android device, here are Three very important things you must do:

1. Backup Your Data:

First and foremost, before any other thing, you need to ensure you back up your data. For your music and pictures and videos and documents, you should make sure they are being moved into your SD card, then remove the card from your device and put it in a computer where you'll copy everything into. You can also use some cloud storing services. 

And for your contacts, ensure your Contact is already checked and synced with the gmail account associated with your device. To check, go to Settings>Accounts>Google>your email address, then ensure "Contacts" is checked and synced. 

2. Remove Your Sim/Micro SD Card:
Contacts and call logs can be stored on your sim or microSd cards, and you won't want a situation where someone copy your contacts for wrong doings. Realistically, many of us won't forget removing our sim card when selling our Android device, but how about microSD cards? Remember, personal things (personal pictures and videos and the rest) could be in it. 
3. Factory Data Reset:
After doing those two things up there, perform a factory data reset. This will erase everything on the device. However, before doing this, ensure you've done the steps above, as a factory reset can't be reverted. 

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