10 Students Beaten With Sticks And Electric Cables And Forced To Sleep On Graves

10 Students Beaten With Sticks And Electric Cables And  Forced To Sleep On Graves 10 Students Beaten With Sticks And Electric Cables And Forced To Sleep On Graves

- Chilling details have emerged of how form 1 student at the Alliance high school get bullied upon joining the institution

- The fresh students are reportedly battered by the senior students and prefects with the knowledge of the school's administration

- More than 10 students report to have been beaten with sticks, electric cables and forced to crawl and sleep on the graves of the school's founders

A disturbing report from Alliance High School has exposed serious cases of bullying in a school that boasts as being the best in Kenya.

More than 10 students have been injured after being clobbered with sticks, electric cords and having to sleep the whole night at the graves of the Alliance school founders.

The bullying happens on days christened 'action nights' which are led by the prefects with the full knowledge of the school administration.

On Tuesday, February 28, a form one student was rushed to the Kikuyu PCEA mission hospital bleeding profusely.

He had suffered a horrid beating at the hands of the school's prefects.

The Nation Newspaper reports that the lad had been pulled from his dormitory at 11PM in the night and taken to a classroom and clobbered.

Photos shared online by Nation show bloodied uniforms that detail the gravity of the whole issue.

Interestingly, the school neither notified the board of governors nor followed protocol. The issue came to light during midterm when the guardians of the students notified the police.

Even after reporting the cases to the teachers, the prefects only received a verbal warning

On these particular induction nights, form one students are forced to wake up in the middle of the night to clean bathrooms.

Other times, they are beaten up with hockey sticks and forced to sleep on the graves of the founders of the school.

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