WTF: Wife Sleeps With Four Men In Revenge on Her Cheating Husband

WTF: Wife Sleeps With Four Men In Revenge on Her Cheating Husband Wife Sleeps With Four Men In Revenge on Her Cheating Husband

A marriage of 18 years has collapsed after a woman identified as Musaruro decided to take revenge on her cheating husband by sleeping around with four men.

According to H-metro, Kuwatengera Musaruro, 45, who confessed to cheating during the subsistence of his marriage to Nothando ‘Madam Noku’ Nkomo, claims that his wife has been cheating with musicians for a while.

“My wife had been cheating on me with musicians. I first discovered that she had been having an affair with Junior Peace.

“I later discovered that she was also having an affair with Spencer and we settled the matter amicably.

“I came across some messages in which she was chatting with these musicians,” he said.

He added: “I sent her packing last Saturday after I discovered that my wife was dating Texas, who is in Andy Muridzo’s band.

“My uncle told me that Texas slept at my house on the day Baba Harare launched his album.

“When I confronted her over the matter, she told me that Texas slept in the dining room whilst she was with her sister and our kids in the bedroom.

“I was then convinced that she was cheating on me with Texas.”

Musaruro, however, acknowledged that he once cheated on his wife with another woman which added to the marital woes.

“I had a girlfriend in 2014 and she came to know of it. From that time we started having serious problems.

“Our marriage has never been stable since then,” he said.

Nothando refuted all the allegations saying Musaruro was a cry baby.

The 35-year-old woman said Musaruro was trying to tarnish her image and dragging other people’s names and their dignity into the mud.

“He divorced me on December 27 last year. I don’t know what he wants from me since we have since separated.

“All what he is saying are lies. He is just fond of tarnishing other people’s images.

“I am not in love with Texas. I have never dated Spencer as he claims,” she said.

There are Whatsapp chats, purportedly between Mama Noku and Spencer, where they discuss sex sessions they would have had.

Texas yesterday denied being in love with Mama Noku saying he had slept at her place with his girlfriend called Panashe.

“I slept there with my girlfriend called Panashe,” he said.

Panashe, however said he had accompanied Texas to Mama Noku’s place and left him there as she went to her house saying she was not in love with Texas.

“I accompanied Texas there and left him there. Texas called me the next morning saying he was now leaving for his place.

“I have heard of the sexual relationship but I don’t know what is happening,” said Panashe.

Meanwhile, Nothando was quick to point a finger at Musaruro accusing him of being responsible for the collapse of their marriage.

She said her former husband was in the habit of cheating on her with other women.

“He divorced me to create space for another woman. He was having a love affair with another woman called Blessing.

“He left me to stay with that woman in Domboshava. At one point in time he left me to stay with another woman in Glen Norah.

“I can say he is the one to blame for our separation,” she said.

Nothando also said Musaruro should stop stalking her.

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