Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl: Asanwa Baby! (Part 2)

Asanwa Baby
‘Wetin you dey shine teeth for sef’ Her madam asked her

Grace been getting it good from the corper, and she could hardly contain herself, she’s been in the best moods lately, she lied that she was excited about starting the tailor apprenticeship soon.

She went about her through cleaning of the house and drifted into one of her many daydreams, where the corper pushes his dick down her throat till he cum, then goes ahead to fuck her hard till she feels like passing out from all the pleasure, she loved being his slut and always looked forward to their encounters.

Her day seemed to be going great, till she saw the corper lock his room­­­­­­­­­ bag slung over his left shoulder saying bye to his next door neighbor; he was travelling for a couple of days. She felt her mood take a nose dive, she had been looking forward to taking him in her mouth, and now she’s frustrated.

Her day went on being gloomy and irritating, and she needed a release. A frown crossed her face as she realized she wasn’t going to be getting any, any time soon, as its Saturday and most of the guys she wanted to have a good time with were married.

She washed the clothes slowly, and then headed to the kitchen to make lunch for the playful and extremely annoying children, while thinking about when she could finally start her apprenticeship and not have to deal with their problems, even if only for a couple hours. The compound wasn’t exactly occupied some went to their shops while others just had other engagements. The more she thought on how she was going to get a dick in her the more frustrated she became, she thought of going to Oga Denny’s to see if she could rekindle their routine, but her madam and everyone were around., she could not go about that not with them around.

Her Saturday was supposed to end with midnight fuck session, but now she was left horny and pissed. She finished her chores and told her madam she was going to see her friend down the street, madam reluctantly agreed, she went and saw her big mouthed friend and as usual sat to loosen her hair so she can get a new hairdo.

‘How far Halima wey talk say she wan marry?’ she asked as soon as Nnenna sat to start making her hair.

‘No mind that wan, na anytime man near her she dey say she wan marry’ she replied hissing and as usual continued to fill her in on all the latest gossip, she sometimes wonder how Nnenna gets all her juicy gossip, after hair was done, she stood up and went on her way home, as she passed Oga Danny’s shop she noticed it was empty except for him and she decided to go in.

‘Good afternoon o’ She greeted him

‘Ah ah asanwa baby’ He started

“Na you be dis? You come leave me abi” he asked

She shrugged and smiled at him offering an excuse.

He went on to rain praises on how beautiful she was in Igbo, he opened the fridge he sells drinks from and brought out coke for her, she smiled and drank in silence, he went on telling her how fine she was and told her he had some new blue film.

Since she stopped fucking him, she hadn’t seen any porn and she was excited, he checked below all his DVD  and pulled up a white plain DVD disc, he reduced the volume of the TV and inserted the disc into the player. The video started with a girl sitting on a guy’s lap on a couch, they talked for a while, then the girl started to rub his crotch while smiling at him, she continued to rub him and he started kissing her, he kissed her deeply, then he reached out to grab her boobs and squeezed.

Her hands went to work and unbuckled his belts, they stopped kissing and she knelt between his legs pulled his trousers and briefs off.  His dick sprang free, bringing a smile to the girl’s lips, she reached out and stroked the dick with her hands and kept smiling.

 She stroked up and down and covered the head with her mouth and went down slowly till she had his whole dick in her throat, Grace shifted in her chair her pussy all tingly, the girl kept bopping her head up and down as the guy reached out to grab her boobs and squeezed, this went on for a while till he pulled her up and sucked on her nipples and pushed his fingers up her pussy as she squirmed under him.

He moved his hands faster as he parted her legs farther, he positioned himself and pushed his dick into her gapping pussy, he started to move fast, Grace was already squirming on her chair when the TV went off.

They was a customer entering the shop, after he attended to the customer she told him she had to go but she would knock his door at night and left the shop, she got home feel all hot and sticky, she  got a bucket of water headed to take a quick bath, she took off her wrapper and hung it on the door, scooped and poured some water on herself, as soon as the cold water hit her naked body it made her shiver, she loved the feeling and she thought about the porn she had just watched, how the girl took the guys dick in her mouth.

She grabbed her hard nipple and gave it a squeeze, she put two fingers in her mouth and sucked like it was a dick, she pushed it in deeper till it made her gag slightly, she tugged at her nipple, took out the fingers from her mouth and slide it into her pussy.

She loved how warm and slippery she felt she moved her fingers in and out moaning softly, she closed her eyes and pictured how the guy from the porn video was shuffling his fingers in the girls pussy as she moved her own fingers in and out faster.

Whining her waist to form a rhythm, she liked the warm feeling of her pussy walls and how the juices were coating her fingers, she moved in faster and faster clasping her legs together, she moved her waist till she came hard, leaning on the door for support.

She could not wait for night to jump up and down Oga Danny’s dick.


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