Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Tola, My Submissive Friend With Benefit (Pt. 2)

Erotic Story/Edymaniac: Tola, My Submissive Friend With Benefit (Pt. 2) Tola, My Submissive Friend With Benefit

I returned her smile with one of my own before pressing my lips to hers as I began to slowly grind my hips into hers. My tongue penetrated her small but inviting mouth and my dick penetrated her body as she wrapped her legs around my waist with encouragement.

I could feel her nipples grow hard with arousal as they pressed into my bare chest as my body slid over hers. With each stroke, I increased the depth of my plunging until I had worked into a comfortably rhythmic series of thrusts as Tola moaned blissfully underneath me.

"Mmmmm, God I love you," I moaned into her ear before biting softly into the tender flesh of her neck.

Tola purred in response as her nails slid down my back, scratching lightly along my exposed skin. As I raised myself up off of her she just stared up into my eyes with an expression of increasingly lustful passion.

Harder and harder, I drove my hips into hers, causing her supple, slender body to shift violently under the force of my thrusts. Almost losing myself in the inexplicable sensation of her gripping wet pussy, I closed my eyes with pleasure in an attempt to prevent myself from reaching a point of no return. As I slowed to a gentle grind, I paused to relish in the feeling of my throbbing cock pulsing within her hot pussy.

Pulling her body up to mine, I cradled her back with my arms as I sat back bringing her to rest atop my lying body. Tola smiled down at me as she wiggled her hips, my hard dick still firmly entrenched in her tightly gripping pussy. Although the new position was not my favourite, it allowed me time to recover while providing her with the easiest means of reaching her own orgasm.

Gripping her soft ass cheeks with both hands, I guided her hips back and forth on my dick as she braced herself against my chest with outstretched arms. Raising my knees, I lifted my hips in an upward thrust as she twisted pleasurably atop my hard dick. Gradually, the movements of her hips increased in pace as she ground her clit into my pelvis with increasing desperation.

I pulled her body down to mine, her damp hair hanging around my face as I held her body in place to meet the upward thrusting of my dick.

Urging her to cum, I pressed a fingertip against her asshole as I whispered filthy comments in her ear. Her movements grew increasingly erratic as she bucked against me, working my dick like a joystick inside her tightly grasping cunt.

She then bit her lip and let out an audible squeal as her body trembled and twitched. I knew she was cumming, although Tola barely made any noise at all when reaching climax. I held her tightly with my dick deeply buried in her wet little pussy as my finger massaged her pulsing asshole with tender, circular motions.

A look of relaxation and relief washed over her face as she raised her breast, now damp with perspiration, up from my heaving chest. She smiled contentedly and exhaled as she pushed her hair out of her face before gazing down at me with renewed expression of lustful intent.

"You know what I want now?" she asked, her body rocking gently against mine.


Tola leaned back down and placed her mouth at my ear, breathing a tantalizing breath of warmth as she spoke.

"I want you to put me on my hands and knees and fuck me like you did last night."

As those alluring words left her panting lips, I felt my dick swell with joy and I smiled with delight at the suggestion.

"Do you want to do that?" she asked, staring down into my eyes.


"Good," she said softly as she proceeded to slide her gripping wet pussy up my shaft and dismounted my body.

As I scrambled up into a kneeling position, Tola presented herself to me on her hands and knees in a submissive, provocative pose. My cock still wet from her tight pussy, I gripped my shaft around the base as I moved closer, gazing down at her slender body with admiration. Feeling her moist, succulent lips sliding back over my dick as I pushed forward, I watched my length slowly vanish into her tight body once more.

"Oh my god," I exclaimed as her pussy gripped me like a vice, resisting every movement as if trying to tempt the cum from my aching balls.

As pleasurable as the sensation was, I knew I would not be able to last long.

"I love fucking you like this," I gasped, clutching her hips as I slipped inside her.

"Mmmmm, I know you do," she purred in response, reaching under to caress my balls as I butted up against her ass. "I know you like seeing me bent over like this."

I moaned in agreement as I began sliding easily in and out, her tightly gripping pussy massaging my thrusting shaft with every pass. As I built up speed, Tola closed her eyes in ecstasy as she revelled in the sensation of my dick filling her from behind.

"And you like getting fucked like this too, don't you?" I asked, growing more aroused by the second.

"Yes," she gasped emphatically, urging me to continue. "I love it! I love it when you fuck me like a dirty..."

I awaited the rest of her response, enticed by the prospect of more dirty talk as I fucked her with short, quick strokes.

"A dirty what?" I asked, prompting her to continue with a light slap on the ass.

"Ohhhh," she moaned in response to my increasing roughness. "A...dirty...little...,"


Again my hand struck her tender flesh, this time with substantial force.

"...whore," she hissed, growing bolder in her response with each passing seconds.

"Yeah?" I asked, using my thumb to massage her tiny asshole as I continued sawing my dick in and out. "You like when I fuck you like a dirty whore?"


"Is that what you felt like last night?"

"Yes," she moaned again, pushing her ass back against me as her hot pussy swallowed up my shaft to the base. "I felt like such a dirty whore."

I pressed on, fucking her with harder thrusts as her body jerked with every strike. Her delicate hand remained active between my legs, caressing and squeezing my balls as I wetted my thumb and placed it back at her ass.

"Spank my ass!" Tolu blurted out with a lustful gasp.

Complying with her masochistic demands, I struck her ass with two more sharp slaps as she moaned with gratitude. Seeing her winced with pain and pleasure, I smiled and slammed into her hard as I held her in place by her shoulders.

"Oh yesssss," she panted, tossing her head back with pleasure. "Pull my hair."

Again happy to oblige, I reached out to slide my fingers through the tangled, damp strands of her hair before closing my fist and twisting forcefully to pull her head back with an authoritarian yank. Tola moaned with approval as my dick slammed into her pussy with spirited, sexual passion.

Each ferocious thrust drove her hips into the bed as her body gradually flattened under my unrelenting assault. Reaching back with both hands, she gripped her ass cheeks and pulled her ass wide as I stared down with lurid desire.

I wasn't sure why she spread her ass, but the erotic visual was enough to send me over the edge. Holding her hair tightly, I plunged into her sweltering pussy a few more times before withdrawing as I stroked my shaft with a fury of blurring strokes.

Continuing to hold her cheeks splayed shamelessly, Tola purred as she felt the spattering of hot cum splashing across her exposed backside.

I groaned as my creamy white juices spurted forth onto and between her cheeks, streaming down to collect around her tiny asshole as it clenched under the thin layer of jism.

Tola let out one more long, purring moan of contentment as I slumped back in exhaustion, staring with amazement at her prone, cum-covered body.

"Okay," I said after a few more moments of gratification as I gave her a playful slap on the ass. "Let's eat."

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