Erotic Story: Jamie And The Adaora's Wedding Day Revenge Plan (Pt. 3)

Erotic Story: Jamie And The Adaora's Wedding Day Revenge Plan (Pt. 3) Jamie And The Adaora's Wedding Day Revenge Plan

He drove fast and didn’t stop once to look behind him and by the time we had reached a remote hotel it was dark. He wanted to get out and I held on to his arm

‘I want you now, I can’t wait’ I said my voice rasp with desire. In the dark I saw him flash his white teeth and then he got down, sat at the back seat and pulled me to join him.

I straddled him and for the first time in three years and properly kissed the man I loved. The kiss was hungry, we took time to explore each other’s lips, tongues, sucking and biting, devouring each other like this was the first time. I sucked on his tongue and he groaned holding on to me tighter, his arms went around me and he squeezed.

I held on to his face as we kissed, then I moved my tongue away and let it slide over his face and his neck carefully missing the parts that had dried blood on them.

‘Baby, I want to be inside you now’ he said in a low, husky voice. I didn’t answer instead I sat up straight and pulled the zip down my dress watching his face and seeing the need on it when my breasts popped out.

He grunted and grabbed one instantly with his mouth and sucked on it and I held his head in place as his tongue swirled over my nipple, twiddling the other one with his other hand. I closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, he had always been in charge but everything in me was fighting to be in control of this situation and now that he knew I was willing and ready he was being gentle enough.

My body was already singing but I wanted to enjoy this a little longer, I grabbed his head and pushed the other nipple in to his mouth and he sucked willingly. His fingers found my pussy and his eyes rolled with how much wetness he met there.

I had seen the girls in my porn videos riding dicks and I was going to try to give him the best riding of his life. I knew he had fucked my friend Nneoma and she was rumored to be the best cowgirl of the 21 century.

It didn’t matter, Jamie wanted me and I was going to give him what he had long been waiting for.

As he continued to suck on my nipple, I worked on his belt and trousers and by the time the cock emerged I was not surprised to see that it was hard and pulsing. Just that morning, my virginity was taken in a painful way I might add but I wasn’t going to blame the taker, I had brought it upon myself.

My pussy was still a bit sore from the savagery it had endured that morning but I wanted above anything for Jamie to be happy even if good sex was all I could give him. I seized his cock, believing I was wet enough and carefully and slowly slid it in my pussy, I winced as it went all the way in and closed my eyes so that he wouldn’t see the pain in my them.

‘Are you okay baby?’ he whispered, was that concern in his voice or just pure lust, I couldn’t tell. I assured him that I was fine and began to move, something in me took over and seized my waist and it began to move of its own volition. I bent low and captured his mouth with mine and kissed him.

His hand on was my waist and driving his dick in and with every thrust I moan out loud, I am going faster than I ever thought I could and we are moaning, low guttural sounds in unison as we near an earth-shattering climax.

He seized my breasts with his hands and frantically moves from one to the other, sucking on them hard, flipping his tongue over my nipples, and pulling with his teeth as I fucked him. The pain is taken over each second by the pleasure that always follows, I’m shivering now and not with cold, my body is ready to release all the pent-up need and longing it had kept inside for years.

Jamie’s head was laid back on the seat and looking at me like I was the queen of his world and my heart swelled but that wasn’t the time to get mushy and spoil everything. He watched as I massaged my breasts and rubbed on my sore nipples, sending shots of pleasure coursing up my spine.

He buried his head between the valley of my breasts and stayed there while I matched his thrusts with my rhythm then our breaths became heavier as we crashed and burned at the same time, I moaned loudly as the orgasm reached its peak.

I was still shaking while he held on to me, stroking my hair and kissing the parts of me his mouth could reach.

‘FUCK!!’ I heard him say in a low breathy tone. His cock remained full inside me, occupying me and filling me up, it felt amazing. I did not want to move for fear he would disappear.

I held on to him until he lifted me up and placed me on the seat beside him, his dick was semi hard and my fingers could not resist tracing themselves up and down the extraordinary length of him.

‘That was…’ he began, for the first time since I’d met him Jamie had no words. I smiled in the dark and stopped him before he could continue with a deep kiss.

He pulled away and looked to look at me ‘Was what you said true? Is that the way Chinwendu treated you?’ he said staring at me with cold fury in his eyes.

My pussy was wet again, what was wrong with me? I sighed and stared back

‘Yes, he never touched me, he was so cold and distant, especially after I said I was saving myself’ I couldn’t stop the tear that escaped my eye as I spoke.

‘He cheated on me every day, of course he thought I didn’t know’ Jamie immediately grabbed me and hugged me fiercely to himself.

‘Don’t ever leave me again’ he whispered in my hair as he inhaled.

‘I never wanted to in the first place’ I replied, he pulled me away gently and searched my face. ‘you should have allowed me to tear him limb from limb and feed him to my dogs’ Jamie said with a harshness that would terrified a grown man to sleep. I placed my palm on the side of his face,

‘Let’s go inside’ I said.

The minute he had me alone in our hotel room, he stripped me of every item of clothing and carried me into the bathroom where he loved me again and again till my body shook, till I couldn’t stand up straight. He carried me to the bed wet as we were and laid me down gently, and lovingly started to caress my body till he put me to sleep.

I had never slept so peacefully in my entire life.

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