Shocking Secret From Abused Man: The First Time I Got Oral S3x was From A Celibate Reverend Father

Shocking Secret From Abused Man: The First Time I Got Oral S3x was From A Celibate Reverend Father The First Time I Got Oral S3x was From A Celibate Reverend Father
A Nigerian man by name Jindu John Enugbe has written about sexual abuses he suffered in the hands of a reverend father, a neighbour and his landlord's daughter.

The chilling experience which brought to fore the abuses children experience in the hands of pedophiles will teach many parents the vital lesson to always look closely into the affairs of their children.

Parents are warned to beware of pedophiles!

Enugbe wrote: "The first time I got a blow job was from a (celibate) reverend father. I was 15, in secondary school and searching for new truths. I was made to go to him for answers to the religious questions I was asking. At first I enjoyed going, he was a reasonable man and gave reasonable answers. Then he started talking hell and soul travels. I said I wanted to learn soul travelling, he said he needed my sperm to do it. 

After the blow job I still couldn't do any soul travel, I asked him, he said he collected the sperm but didn't have anything to store it in and so he needed to do it again. I wasn't comfortable around him anymore, I stopped going. But before then he told me if I told anybody I'll go to hell. I believed. Later, he told my elder sister that I was too inquisitive and that is a sin against God. My sister believed. 

You think that is bad right, I was 15. 15!

The first person I gave a hand job was a man. The husband of a staff in my school. I was 12, in JSS 3 and needed freedom. In Sapele I was caged. Never went out unless to school or church. I had no friends except the ones my sister's husband who I stayed with chose for me. He chose just one, the staff's husband. They lived in the next compound. He was a clerk in a court. My sister's husband wanted me to be a lawyer so he made me go to him to teach me 'law related things'.

One evening I went there, he said I wasn't confident and needed to teach me to be confident, so he made me give him a hand job, after which he said I did a good job and was growing my confidence. He gave me 120 Naira, promised to buy me a phone and told me not to tell anybody if I wanted my confidence to grow. I believed and stopped going, he told my sister's husband that I stopped because I didn't like learning. They forced me to go. I went and gave more hand jobs. Last two years, one of my neighbour who attended the same school with me told me he did the same thing to him and his friend. You think that's wrong right? Just wrong, I was 12. 

The first time I had sex was with my land lord's daughter in Abraka. Her name was Onoriode. I was 6, she was a teenager, maybe 16 or 17. My elder sister asked her to take care of me while she went out to make her hair . Immediately my sister left, Onoriode said my sister asked her to give me a bath. I told her I already had my bath, she said my sister said I should have another bath. I believed. While we were at it, she started playing with my penis. I didn't understand, it was sweet, she was smiling and I was young. After the bath she refused to cloth me, she made me lie down, removed her clothes and put my penis inside her. I didn't understand, I didn't feel much, she was smiling and I was still young. Wrong right? Just wrong. I was 6.

Who is to blame? Me for being inquisitive, not confident and young, the pedophile priest, husband and girl, or my sister and her husband? 

Yesterday, I was sitting in front of my sister's house, a mother was forcing a young girl of about 7 to go to a certain brother Steven's house . She says no, that she doesn't like brother Steven. Her mother spanks her and forces her to go, she goes, grumbling. 

I am thinking why she doesn't like brother Steven, maybe he too teaches her to be confident, not to be inquisitive or forces her to take her bath. Just maybe. 

Our society is reeking of paedophiles, nowhere is safe: school, church, home. Nowhere and no one is safe. Who is to blame? Well, for me, the paedophile takes 30% of the blame, the parent and warding takes 70%. Listen to your child, teach them to ask questions, answer their questions. It's good to choose your child's friend but it is better to ask their opinion about certain friends. 

Above all, teach them to discern threats from reality, because if they can't perform that simple and important task, no matter what you do they'll never tell you the truth. And guess what happens when they don't, nothing. Zilch, the children won't understand, they won't feel much, a paedophile is smiling, and the children are young. Wrong right? Just wrong."

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