Selfie dysmorphia sufferer reveals how her obsession with photoshopped images led to ‘out of control’ surgery

November 21, 2017

A selfie dysmorphia sufferer has revealed how her obsession with photoshopped images led to ‘out of control’ surgery.

Lucy O’Grady was used surgery to look like her digitally enhanced selfies after getting hooked on popular phone apps that alter your appearance.

The mum-of-three admitted her obsession, which saw her have Botox, lip and chin fillers, teeth whitening and a nose job, was causing her financial problems

She has finally given up “chasing an ideal you can never get to realistically” but wants to address the stigma attached to dysmorphia.

A body dysmorphia sufferer has revealed how she tried to look liker her photoshopped selfies
(Image: ITV)
Lucy O’Grady had surgery to look like her digitally enhanced images

Speaking on This Morning, she said: “What stared out as taking the odd selfie. I downloaded the apps and started to edit my pictures when I took them.

“I found when I was feeling down I would take some pictures. It was a quick fix to take pictures, edit and upload, thinking I look alright there.

“The trouble is when you look back in the mirror after taking away your flaws you become dissatisfied with what you are seeing.”

Lucy had Botox, fillers and a nose job
(Image: ITV)

After someone she met online told her she looked different in person, Lucy wanted to “resemble the selfies in real-life”.

Lucy, a full-time carer for her autisic son Stirling, 11, began by having fillers in her chin and top lip and was having them twice a year.

She also splashed out £200 on Botox every six months for her crow’s feet, frown lines and worry lines.

Lucy then went to have a £2,000 nose job in Prague in November last year.

Cosmetic surgeon Dan Marsh said it was ‘unachievable’ to look like your selfies
(Image: ITV)

She said: “I’d known for a while it had got out of hand and I was too preoccupied with how I was looking.

Financially it was eating away at me and I realised I could spend the money in better ways. I took a break form social media and went on holiday.”

While on holiday, Lucy became involved with an animal charity which managed to “break the vicious cycle”.

Lucy is happy after giving up her mission to look like her selfies
(Image: The People)

She was joined on the sofa by cosmetic surgeon Dan Marsh, who revealed it was “unrealistic and unachievable” to obtain the look of a selfie in real-life.

Revealing how her life has changed, Lucy said: “I’ve given up on chasing an ideal you can never get to realistically.

“I’m happy with myself now which is why I’ve spoken up about this. There’s quite a stigma attached to dysmorphia and it’s passed away as vanity.

“Actually a lot of women are suffering from low self esteem. They need to realise it’s a fake reality.”

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