Why there is agitation for Biafra, restructuring – Presidency

October 3, 2017

The senior special assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on legal matters, Professor Ayuka Adamu Usman, says corruption is to be blamed for agitations for Biafra and clamour for restructuring.

Professor Adamu stressed that the major task for Buhari’s administration was how to tackle corruption and not restructuring.

According to him, Nigeria’s problems would still remain if Nigerians fell back into various constituencies without tackling corruption.

Professor Adamu while speaking to newsmen in Abuja explained that the various agitations in parts of the country were fallout of corruption.

“I personally don’t buy into the idea of restructuring, because our major problem as court is corruption.

“All these agitations and crisis are the fallout of corruption. To me, the major issue is how to fight corruption which the present government is serious about.

“Even if Nigerians fall back to their various constituencies, in the name of restructuring, without first fighting corruption, the problem will still remain”, he said.

He added that agitators were majority of Nigerians deprived of resources in the country.

“If Nigerians are not catered for, if they lack the basics of live. They are likely to express their anger in one form or the other. Some could go into robbery. Some would go into militancy, while some would easily be recruited to be part of IPOB or any other militant group.

“But if really there is no corruption and the resources are applied across board and life is made better and easier, then we will see less of these,” Professor Adamu added.


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