Debbie Rise: Biography And BBN Issues

May 19, 2017

Debie-Rise songs have claimed hearts of Nigerians. This Ex-Big Brother Naija superstar can really surprise her fans. She is a little bit of everything you can imagine when it comes to an African artiste. How did she become a Nigerian superstar? Let`s take a look at Debbie Rise biography!

Debbie Rise Profile

Debbie Rise Profile

Oluwarise Deborah Ebun or as she is known to the public – Debbie-Rise. She was born on December 20th. Her native state in Nigeria is Kaduna. Some people can`t believe that beauty can be mixed with brains, but Debbie Rose proves it! She is a smart girl who graduated with a degree Computer Science and a major in Graphics and Web Application Development. Her Alma mater is the Federal University of Technology, Yola.

Debbie Rise can speak three different languages – English, Hausa, and Yoruba. She is passionate about sport and health. Some her fans call her a fitness freak. Her sports hobbies include dancing, football and even Taekwondo.

Debbie Rise music

Debbie Rise music is something that you certainly need to hear. During her career, she recorded several singles that became hits in Nigeria. Video clips for her songs gathered millions of views on YouTube. Debbie Rise songs, like Winner, Can`t stop, Gagabu and No Cunny Cunny have been heard on basicall every mobile phone.

Debbie-Rose is a singer, guitarist and a talented person. She was a strong contestant of the reality TV show Big Brother Naija.

Big Brother Naija and Debbie Rise

Big Brother Naija and Debbie Rise

Debbie Rise first appearance to the public was many years ago. Recently, she starred in the second season of the reality show Big Brother Naija. According to her confession, she had to run from home to become a part of the show. Her father was a pastor at the time he never saw his daughter as any kind of celebrity. Debbie Rise said that he was just protective and worried about the future of the family.

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Debbie Rise performed at Big Brother Naija fantastically. She managed to impress viewers and stay as a housemate until the very last day. It certainly boosted her career as a singer today. She became famous and started a new life!

Nigerian Idol

Nigerian Idol

About three years ago, Oluswarise Deborah Ebun biography had a new addition She was proclaimed the First Runner Up of the popular Nigerian singing contest – Nigeria Idol. She won the prize in the fourth season of the Nigerian Idol. A year later, she returned to the Season Five of the TV show but as a guest this time

The Etisalat-sponsored competition provided Debbie Rise with love from fans all over Nigeria. Her exciting and melodic music was idolized by Nigerians. It was not just her talent that helped her become successful on the show. Even organizers of the event had to admit that Nigerians did not just vote for her for her music. They praised her personality. She was a fantastic contestant that could combine everything! Rap, singing, dancing, playing guitar, witty stand-up – she was good at it all

Debbie Rise Daddy Issues

Debbie Rise Daddy Issues

Debbie Rise had to leave home and her protective father to follow her dreams. In one of her interviews after show Big Brother Naija, she confessed that she was worried. Her father was a priest and had other plans for a daughter. It should be said, that he raised a wise and cultural person. Still, if she had not made a choice to run for the show – she wouldn`t be so popular today.

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As Debbie Rise confessed on the interview, she did not regret that decision. She was hoping to make her father proud one day. At a certain point of the show, housemates were visited by their parents – her dad didn`t come to visit her. It hit her hard that day. After the show was over she came back home to speak with her daddy. She asked him: “Did I make you proud?”. His immediate response was “I love you, my daughter!”

Debbie Rise and Big Brother Naija

Debbie Rise news today

Two new housemates were introduced to the Big Brother Naija 2017. One of this contestants was Debbie Rise. This reality television show was dominating Nigerian internet for the last few months. Getting along with new housemates was not easy for Debbie Rise. Even if she had the experience, she faced some obstacles.

This TV show began running in Nigeria in the beginning of the year. When Debbie Rise was introduced to the housemates, the viewers did not have much enthusiasm for her. They were mainly focused on Marvis and TBoss. Debbie Rise was not one of the favourites of the show right up till the end. Especially after that scandal with Efe.

Debbie Rise Scandal

Debbie Rise Scandal

Debbie Rise posted on Instagram. In that post, she criticized the career and performance style of Efe. She described him as someone with a “dead career in rapping.” After that, Efe replied to her that he was sorry that she detests his music. He also warned her that more music from him was coming and advised her to close her ears.

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Fans from both sides were angry about Debbie Rise’s post. She later made a video to apologise to fans of Efe. She noted that she had no connection with this post and didn`t write those words. However, when she said “I take responsibility for that mistake,” fans of Efe and Efe himself had to doubt her words. Why was it her mistake, if she didn`t write it?

Efe refused to receive her apology

Efe refused to accept her apology. It should be mentioned that these two housemates did not get along at all from the very beginning. In the interview with Cool FM, Efe suggested that they couldn`t be friends or anything else. His said he was more attracted to character than beauty. From this suggestion, he gave a clear hint to Debbie Rise.

What is Debbie Rise is up to?

What is Debbie Rise is up to?

Despite this scandal with Efe, Debbie still has a lot of fans across Nigeria. She is a famous person who pursues her goals. A lot of fans have loved her since her performance on Nigerian Idol. Debbie Rise music videos attract hundreds of thousands of views. No Cunny Cunny, Winner, Can`t Stop and Gagabu are some of her most popular songs. Her appearance in the Big Brother Nigeria 2017 will definitely boost her popularity.


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