Wife of former PDP chairman’s son is not guilty, not yet by George Onmonya Daniel (opinion)

November 20, 2017

Editor’s note: Over the weekend Nigerians read the shocking story of how Bilyamin Bello, the son of former PDP chairman was allegedly stabbed to death by his wife, Maryam Sanda the daughter of former Aso Savings Bank boss.

George Onmonya Daniel in this piece says Maryam is not yet guilty until proper investigations are carried out on the case.

Most of these social media people out of the little they read on Facebook have concluded that the woman should be hanged. She killed her husband, she stabbed him severally, some even said he was stabbed in his private part.

Ok, I am not saying she is innocent. If she really stabbed him and he died of the wounds then she killed him. I am saying ‘if’ because this morning I read that the statement she wrote at the police station was different from the Facebook narrative of events that unfolded.

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Ok, some say evidence may have been tempered with. We will leave that to the police. But to conduct a thorough investigation whether privately or by the police, we need more than Facebook lawyers and judges.

I am a fan of Crime and Investigation (CI) on DSTV, and one of my favourite programmes there is WOMEN THAT KILL. What I know is that nothing seem as it is in these episodes until you deeply search through the rubble of human emotion, mental health and lifestyle.

I have seen the killer pronounced innocent many times based on circumstances surrounding the case. Some of the victims asked for it and have asked for it for a very long time. In the end they end up getting what they ask for.

I have seen many cases my brothers and sisters. I am not relating them to this Nigerian case. Don’t get me wrong. All I am saying is that you don’t just read two passages on social media about someone killing someone and sentence the killer guilty.

It is quite sad but from these pictures I want to believe they had their moments before things turned upside down.

See pictures below:

Opinion: She is not guilty, not yet by George Onmonya Daniel

Late Bilyamin Muhammed Bello, son of former PDP chairman, Haliru Bello, was allegedly stabbed to the death by his wife, Maryam Sanda. Photo credit: George Onmonya Daniel

Opinion: She is not guilty, not yet by George Onmonya Daniel

Bilyamin Muhammed Bello and his wife, Maryam Sanda Photo credit: George Onmonya Daniel

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