See The Sort Of Food Soldiers Are Being Served In An Army School (Photos)

August 17, 2017
  • Soldiers in a military school in Lagos are complaining about their welfare
  • They claimed the food they are served make them sick
  • They called on the chief of army staff to look into it

Soldiers in the Nigerians army school of signals in Apapa have raised allegation that their commanders are cheating them of their food allowance.

In an exclusive report to, it was reported that the quality of food was so bad that some people complain of illness after consuming them.

They called on the chief of army staff, Tukur Buratai, to look into the issue.

See the food soldiers are served at army school (photos)

Dining hall at the army school of signals. Credit:

Read the report below

Nigeria army school of signals is a training school for signal corps but the system of recent command in the school has gotten a high rate of corrupt system of command where the command make money through the feeding allowance of the students in its school.

Students have complained the same money paid in other operations in the whole Nigeria are the same feeding allowance for the student’s but it have become where they make their money.

I am using this medium for the chief of army staff to help our soldiers by checking the school to know if is true or lies.

See the food soldiers are served at army school (photos)

The picture above is one of the afternoon food they took today…..a lot of our soldiers are sick because of the very poor feeding of the students exempt the stress.

But the students have cried to the commander but things keep on going like that. We are begging the chief of army staff to help us with this issue of feeding.

See the food soldiers are served at army school (photos)

The soldiers complain that the food makes them sick. Credit:

Even some soldiers who came from the north east that foods stuff are with high price said the food they eat there are 100% better compared to here in Nigeria army signal,

Our salary can’t feed us bot to talk of when a soldier is outside his unit, the one government has approved for our feeding someone will still be pocketing it and they collect salary more than the soldier .


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