I Have The Power To Treat Buhari If He Comes To Me – Guru Maharaj Ji Reveals Former President That He Treated

August 17, 2017
  • Satguru Maharaj Ji said he was willing to heal President Buhari if he comes to him
  • The spiritual leader claimed he has done the same for Babangida in the past
  • He also berated ASUU for going on strike

Satguru Maharaj Ji, who is the founder of One Love Family has volunteer to treat President Muhammadu Buhari of his ailment if he comes to him.

Vanguard reports that Maharaj Ji also spoke about the strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities accusing them of wanting t draw the Buhari administration backward.

The spiritual leader spoke in Lagos on Wednesday, August 16 where he predicted that the problems bedevilling the country will soon come to an end.

He also claimed he once treated former head of state, Ibrahim Babamasi Babangida and said he could do the same for President Buhari if he wishes.

He said: “I do not believe in sickness. The President of Nigeria is great and he should remain so. And that is why if he comes to me for healing, I will heal him. I have done it for several public officeholders. I remember that I treated Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, IBB, when he was afflicted by an ailment in his leg. I cured him. But he later denied me. That was why the ailment returned.”

He also spoke about the importance of Buhari being in the country saying: “It will douse agitation of Nigerians and help address issues challenging the country.”

“Since he left, the acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has been acting on his behalf very well, he has shown enough competence. And I believe he has defied Nigerians prediction that he will be a figure head. I believe he knows what he is doing.”

The spiritual leader described the ongoing strike by ASUU as something that could cripple the country’s economy.

He said: “They (lecturers) should opt for dialogue with the government and I am sure, Buhari led administration will cooperate with them because it is in-line with his government policy of change.

“Looking at the ASUU strike, it is manipulation by the European witches to set the country backward again.”

Meanwhile, President Buhari’s return to Nigeria is being scheduled to take place during the Muslim Sallah Festival according to Sahara Reporters.

The president has been out of the country for more than 100 days for medical treatment in London and according to the online medium, a cabal is plotting planning to make the president return to the country in two weeks for the Eif-il-Kabir.

It was also reported that the first lady, Aisha Buhari has cancelled her plans for Hajj in order to be around when the president returns to the country.


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