Agbani Darego: Beauty queen shares photo from honeymoon

April 13, 2017

Agbani Darego has shared a photo from her ongoing honeymoon with new hubby, Ishaya Danjuma The 2001 Miss World married a few days ago, announcing the ceremony with a cute but teasing snap from the ceremony in Marrakech, Morocco.

A pic shared on Instagram from her honeymoon shows her in a short and white top, taking a stroll in a scenic surrounding with palm trees and a pool in green hues.

Judging by the structures visible in the pic and the serenity surrounding her, the couple could still be at the luxurious Amanjena resort, a luxury six-star hotel in Marrakech, Morocco where their wedding held.

Agbani and Ishaya are also taking the time out to sample the best cuisines at their location.

Agbani Darego shares pic from her honeymoon (IG)

As another snap shared on her IG shows, the couple enjoyed what looks like a specially made fish and a bottle of wine.

Agbani shares pic of this meal from her honeymoon with new hubby, Ishaya Danjuma (IG)

She simply captioned it “Yum” and we have no doubt that the model and her husband are enjoying every minute if there time out there.

Once again, congrats to Agbani and Ishaya.


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